The Mighty Quinn

Saturday morning was a busy one. It was a flurry of activity in preparation for the arrival of GG and my combined Christmas present….. our shiny new Thermomix! It was getting dropped off at 9.30am so I was running around like a headless chook trying to get everything I needed sorted before our consultant arrived.

It all got done though and we went through our initial set up with her, rearranged the kitchen slightly so that it had a special spot to sit and with that done we were pretty much ready to roll. Now I had a friend coming around in the afternoon to make jam so we only had a smallish window to do a little bit of extra shopping and also grab some lunch. Despite the addition of this new appliance to our kitchen, we thought we’d keep things simple and head out for a quick bite.

During Friday drinks at work I’d chatted to people about the Mighty Quinn. I’d been there before but not for a fair while, but when GG started talking about heading out for lunch it was fresh in my mind and the first place I suggested. So we hoped in the car and drove the short drive around the corner. The Mighty Quinn is an Irish Pub, quite old school looking, plenty of wood and lots of Guinness posters and the like on the walls, a little bit eclectic I suppose but they’ve had a solid following for years now. Could be that they have such a great range of ciders on offer – always good and when we visited there were plenty of tables spare for us to eat our lunch, so I was happy. We both had decided on steak sandwiches before we even walked in, so spotting them on the menu we ordered two of those, GG’s had everything, while I minused the cheese and egg off mine. I’m not good with eating foods with my hands so was trying to make it slightly easier for me to not make a total mess.

So while we waited for our meals to arrive I ordered us a couple of Magners Pear Ciders. How good is pear cider! On a summery day, it’s a delightfully refreshing drop, especially in a big pint glass full of ice.  So we sipped those and enjoyed the cricket on the big  screen while we waited. Didn’t take long and size wise was not disappointed. A generous serving of chips were on the side, as well as a dish of tomato sauce. Great chips – perfectly cooked with the right amount of salt, I had to hold myself back from eating too many, because I knew I wouldn’t fit my sandwich in!

I went for the cut in half option… no way I could tackle it in one! The steak itself was decent, not overcooked and not gristly and I like steak sandwiches on toasted Turkish bread, as this one was. I think the problem was though, as a whole the steak sandwich was just a little bit blah. There was no real zap to it. Even with the barbeque sauce and caramelised onion, on the flavour front it was a little bit lacklustre, which was disappointing to say the least.

So I did my best to put a respectable dent in the sandwich but my heart wasn’t really in it, so I turned my attention back to the chips.

Could have just been an off day because I recall visiting years ago for a steak sandwich and having been quite impressed. Might have to give them another whirl, another day.

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