2 Fat Indians

Super excited for three reasons a few weekends ago – firstly it was a looooong weekend (woohoo!), secondly I was going out for Indian good and finally I was catching up some good friends who I hadn’t seen in a whole. Three times yay!

We’d made a booking at the 2 Fat Indians, where I hadn’t been in ages! GG and I rocked up first and they had refurbed the place since we’d last been and it definitely had a whole lot more polished feel to the place now. I liked it. There was a slight mix up as to when we were meeting but by 7.30 we were all there together :)

GG and I had been there for a while so we had a chance to peruse the menu and suggested to our dining companions that we should perhaps order the “2 Fat Indians” Banquet, which was $48 a person.

The banquet started with this sensational platter for us to share. Indian just smells so fabulous – the heady scent of all the spices – loved it!

So on the platter there were four items (one for each of us).  There was a Samosa – Triangular shaped pastry filled with potatoes, peas, dry fruit and spices. This was probably my favourite off the plate. Really tasty filling and the pastry wasn’t too thick. There was also Chicken Tikka – Boneless leg of chicken marinated with yogurt and Indian spices then cooked in the tandoor. Again, very nice, the chicken was tender and moist and the flavours were sensational. A close second to the Samosa as my favourite on the platter was the Seekh Kebab – Fresh juicy ground lamb spiced and cooked on skewers in the tandoor. Hard to go wrong with lamb and they had done a really fab job with this lil lamb chop. The last item was the Macchi Amritsari – Chunky fish cutlets marinated overnight in salt, pepper and lime juice – dipped in a masala of spices and herbs then deep fried. Fish was never going to be my number one, but I did give it a go and it didn’t have an overly fishy flavour, which is always a plus for me.

On finishing off the platter we were feeling a little less starving that when we arrived….. to the point that we wondered how much of a dent we would put in the mains that were soon to arrive. The mains was an array of 5 different dishes that can served with two types of rice and three types of naan. There were also two salads brought out, which were nice and refreshing.

Seeing all the food laid out in front of us it was a slightly daunting task as to whether we could finish it!

We were going to give it a red hot go though! And there were some of my favourite dishes so I delved into those first. Butter chicken (Murg Makhni ) – Shredded boneless chicken cooked in rich tomato gravy, flavoured with fenugreek. Yum, yum, yum. The rich and creamy sauce was just so wonderful and there were big generous bits of chook hiding in the sauce too! I’m also a big fan of Lamb Rogan Josh – Kashmiri speciality made with tomato and a yoghurt based gravy. This had the right amount of spice and again, no scrimping on the meat front. The seafood dish that was included was the Kadai jhinga – A palate scorching preparation of selected lightly seasoned prawns, in a rich Indian thick gravy, cooked in a traditional kadai. Yes, this dish packed more heat than others but I still really enjoyed it. Could have been those big, plump prawns that won me over :)

There were also two vegetarian dishes – Dal Makhni – whole black lentils soaked overnight, finished in a tomato based gravy with cream and spices and also Handi ki Subzi – Mixed vegetables cooked with Indian spices in a yellow gravy. Both of them were fine, but as I’m not vegetarian, I’m always going to be a little more wowed by meat dishes….. just how I roll I suppose.

Now the added bonus of the 2 Fat Indians banquet was that with the mains, you were able to order refills of any of the dishes you liked. We were all pretty full, but decided we need to take them up on this offer and ordered another of the butter chickens and rogan joshes. It was more of a struggle to put a respectable dent in the second round, but we did our best and its hard not to dunk naan bread in such tasty sauce if its sitting right there in front of you, even if you have basically reached your food limit :)

I had thought the banquet had been pretty good value, especially because of the added bonus of this restaurant being in the Entertainment Book, which helped cover the cost of a bottle (and a bit) of wine for us. The service had been friendly….. there’d been a slight delay on some things arriving, but it was pretty busy so that was understandable and hey the food had been fabulous! I’m definitely already thinking about my return visit :)

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