The Brown Fox….. again

I’ve been to The Brown Fox in West Perth once or twice before and while it had been a while since my last visit I continue to marvel at the stellar job they have done on the fit out of the place. It does look wonderful, I particularly love the pressed tin ceiling, adorned with ornate chandeliers.

It was lovely looking particularly special when GG and I met my family there on Sunday, given the perfect spring weather we were having outside, all blue skies with the sun streaming in.

We decided to visit the Brown Fox ahead of the footy game that was on at Subi at 1.15. We arrived at 12 and I’ll admit that I had some concerns about whether there’d be time for us to eat there, given that on my last visit there was a bit of a wait on food. However we decided we would take our chances and hastily looked over the menu.

Easy done. We both went for the Steak sandwich with frites ($20) and I dashed to the counter to place our order. I was pleasantly surprised when our meals arrived within 15 minutes – plenty of time for us to eat them. I thought they presented well on their wooden board. There seemed to be a slight size disparity between GG and mine, however as I ended up with a slightly smaller one I wasn’t that disappointed. Growing lads need the bigger steak sanger :)

I started with a few of the ‘frites’ and I have to say that these were some good chips. Sure there wasn’t anything particularly striking about them. Doubt they were handcut in the kitchen, but they had been well prepared and seasoned and it was a decent serving. Plus they were red hot when they arrived to us. Fresh from the fryer, that how you want them. So definitely two thumbs up for these!

So the reviews of the chips were well, rave, but I can’t speak as highly of the steak sandwich. As noted by GG while eating our lunch the key to any good steak sandwich is a nice piece of steak. Now we aren’t saying it needs to be fillet steak, but it needs to be a piece of meat that doesn’t have gristle running through it so that you can’t eat it without having to take your sandwich apart. Now my piece of steak wasn’t too bad. It just seemed to be near one edge that it was particularly chewy so I steered clear of that side. However poor GG did have to disassemble his lunch and slice and dice the good bits of steak from the bad. Not something you want to have to do, so that was very disappointing. As for the rest of the sandwich, well it was a nice, fresh bun, but just overall the taste was a little lacking. There seemed to be some sort of tomato relish, however it
lacked any real punch. It made the overall flavour just fairly boring – nothing added by the lettuce or the cheese. I mean it ticked the box of filling a void, but I can’t say I’d rush back for another one.

So my third visit and well I’ve found the food at the Fox a little hit and miss. As a place for a drink, it’s beautiful and I love their cider…. so I think I’ll stick to that and a bowl of ‘frites’ in future.

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