Bos Taurus

My GG has a massive appreciation for all things steak. We’ve been to a few steak places around town – Hippo Creek, Squires Loft…. Not Rockpool as yet though. Well GG has for one of their high acclaimed waygu burgers but I digress. There was a new addition to the Beaufort St strip called Bos Taurus – actually a new spin off from the Squires Loft team. It was a steak house and my first thought was…. eating steak like a boss…. Bring it on!

We booked in for last Saturday night and rocked up just before the doors were officially opened, so us and another couple were milling outside the door. On stepping inside, the fit out is definitely a change of pace from the previous tenants (who were Martinos). It’s felt a little bit cowboy chic with its wooden floors and dimmed lighting and the scene was further set when we were presented with leather bound menus, which we perused with the proud bovine image adorning the wall right near our table.

The wine by the glass offering was decent and prices were reasonable. I asked about the dryness of a French Chardonnay they had available and was offered a taste prior to ordering. Always nice to have that option available. So with our drinks sorted it was time to focus on food, more importantly on which meat option we would partake in. Feeling particularly indulgent on this visit we decided we would share the Pork Spare Ribs (500g) marinated in baste and char-grilled ($29.00) for our entrée and then I locked in the 200g Eye Fillet with black pepper sauce ($35.00) and GG, feeling slightly more fancy, locked in the 300g Angus Eye Fillet (Grain Fed CAAB) ($56.00), again with the black pepper. We also ordered a serve of Chips ($6.00) and a Seasonal Salad ($11.50) to share.

Timing wise, didn’t take too long for the ribs to arrive and it was a decent serve that we used our impressive knives to slice into individual rib pieces. The meat just fell off the bones. Clearly had been very slow cooked so that the intense flavour had time to permeate through the meat. They were really lovely, but personally I think what I realised is that my preference for ribs is for a sweeter, stickier style sauce, whereas this was probably more of a bbq, smokey flavour. So that’s just a comment I suppose. The ribs here are still very enjoyable!

And some added cool was that we were bought this dish which was seperated into three sections. Little white disks were placed in one end and the two other sections were filled with water. So once we were finished with our ribs we each dropped a disk into the water and it puffed up and our hands were clean in a flash :)

Our steak arrived with their precious individual little gravy jugs on the side. Looked great!

We went for a sauce test first, generously dunking the chips into the black pepper sauce to assess its flavour. Amazing!! Creamy and delicious. I sampled my steak without sauce first and it really was a very good piece of meat. It could have easily been enjoyed without sauce, but knowing how lovely it was, I liberally poured it on top. The steak was good to perfection and I made quick work of it.

Having the salad to finish was a nice way to go. Well seasoned with balsamic and with ample pinenuts throughout it was a refreshing way to finish mains.

And across the table there were no complaints from GG. He was a happy lad after his red meat fix and it was an impressive cut of steak – had some wonderful height to it.

Our plates were then cleared away and a short while later we were asked if we would like coffee or dessert. I had spied a few items on the dessert menu that looked interesting and we decided that as we were feeling fairly comfortable after our meat inspired starters and mains that we would just share a dessert. Ice cream with warm mars bar sauce – didn’t it sound amazing!! It was three large scoops of creamy vanilla with a shot glass on the side with the indulgent topping. It was a wonderful end to proceedings.

I had really enjoyed our meal. Three courses in and we were both feeling very comfortable. Service had been very friendly, I loved the flashy new fit out and the food – my gosh the food – they know their steaks! Delicious!! It had been a lovely night out and I’d head back in a flash :)

Well work trying out this Beaufort St newbie!

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5 Comments on “Bos Taurus”

  1. October 21, 2012 at 10:12 AM #

    Looks delicious! How did it match up to Squires Loft? I’ll have to add this to my ever growing wish list :)

    • October 21, 2012 at 10:15 AM #

      Steaks were just as fab as Squires Loft, with a much flasher fit out :) Had a great time and its slightly closer to home than Subi. Definitely worth a visit. And I know what you mean about a growing wishlist – mine doesn’t seem to be getting any shorter with all these great new spots opening :)

      • December 12, 2012 at 5:07 PM #

        I’m off tonight! Hoping it is as delicious as your experience :)

      • December 12, 2012 at 5:10 PM #

        Hope you have a lovely time. Does seem like perfect steak weather :)

  2. October 23, 2012 at 10:11 PM #

    Love it when something new opens in Mt Lawley :) looking forward to checking Bos Taurus out. That dessert looks amazing, I have a major soft spot for mars bar ice-cream!

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