Fujimore – Hay Street Food Court, West Perth

I caught up with some past work colleagues the other day for lunch and we figured the easiest option to keep everyone happy would be to visit the food court. Something for everyone!
The majority of us however found ourselves in the line at Fujimore, which is the Japanese option. Two people went for the Bento Box, which they seemed very happy with, and myself and another girl went to Teriyaki, myself chicken and her, the beef option.  I’ve eaten here before and I think the thing I like is that the chicken is really good quality. The flavours are rich and delicious and the rice is well cooked. The small side salad which is included is also a nice touch and refreshing at the end of the meal.
If you find yourself in West Perth on Hay Street at lunchtime one day and feel like Japanese, definitely worth giving this place a go. Sure it’s food court Japanese, but it hasn’t disappointed me yet.

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