Cheap Eats in Perth

I love heading out to eat in Perth. It can be an experience. Spending several hours chatting with your special someone, marvelling over the wonderful flavour combinations, quaffing a particularly delightful drop….. it’s a pleasure.

There can also be times, usually  mid-week when a day at work has sapped any desire to do any more work when you get home, even if its only pottering around the kitchen, and its at those times that its nice knowing where around town has some sort of “special” on the go.

Steak, curry, parmigiana, pizza or pasta etc….  the usual suspects, but its nice to know where the specials are at.

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I’d love to be able to maintain an up to date list, but unfortunately I don’t have enough time these days, but these links below are some of my favourite places to suss out the specials 🙂

Enjoy some cheap eats folks!

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