The Byrneleigh Hotel

Another deal to good to pass up on Scoopon – this time at the Byrneleigh Hotel in Nedlands, where I had wanted to try for ages! This time around deal was just $49 for a 2 course meal for 2 people, where you started with a Byrneleigh Experience Mixed Plate, then each chose a mains, and also got a glass of wine from the lovely Tyrell’s Wines range. Amazingly good value.

First thing that struck me about the Byrneleigh was the trendy decor. They’d done an excellent job decking it out. Plenty of warm timber, offset with astro turf and shiny, modern chandeliers. Sounds like a strange mix, but it all balances together really well I thought – something different is always a plus these days. GG and I were sat in the outside section of the restaurant. Well actually it was still sort of inside but there was a massive window at the end of our booth style table, which let in a beautiful breeze.  Loved it!


So we both went with a glass of the house white, which was a nice drop, fairly dry, which worked well for both of us. And then the tasting plate arrived. Wow, it was impressive just to look at, and my first thought was that I didn’t know where I was going to find room for my mains after tackling this. It was a very generous serving and I couldn’t wait to try it! So what did we have…. there was chorizo with lime, west australian olives with feta, pea aranchini with truffle aioli, crispy squid with pink salt and green chilli, peppered beef, orange and bernaise, some toasted turkish bread with home made hummus and two perfectly cooked prawns. Completely happy sighs – it was absolutely delicious! The aranchini were my favourites, just an amazing flavour and a beautiful crispy outside. I think we polished off all bar one olive or two……… too hard to leave anything behind!


And next up came our mains. I went with the pork schnitzel with slaw, lemon, gremolata. This also came with home cut fries. Again, they don’t scrimp on serves! The mountain of chips came with just the right amount of salt already on them. The slaw – I loved that it had spanish onion in it, gave some extra flavour to the slaw. And the schnitzel – crispy perfection! And the pork inside was a really nice cut of meat. Lemon on the side was nice too.


GG went for the fish of the day, which was salmon served on wilted spinach and green beans. It was a fairly thick piece of salmon, but cooked perfectly! GG ate every last morsel.



Both GG and I had had a fairly big lunch that day, so were already sort of full’ish before we even arrived for dinner, but the sights and smells once we arrived at the Bryneleigh definitely renewed our appetite. I wished I still had room after the giant tasting paste and large mains to sample one of the desserts on offer, because they looked amazing when I saw them bought out to other diners. Another time, a good reason to go back I suppose 🙂

Another reason to go back is for the excellent service. From the moment you walk in, to the team that deliver your meals, everyone is smiling and friendly. Attentive without being over the top. A huge plus!

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4 thoughts

  1. This restaurant takes advantage of the customers money wise . Customer is not number one. Their food? below standard. The food is not up to standard. I recommend you dine somewhere else. Even when you bring up an issue with them, They will rationalize and to cover up ..and not try to make you a happy and satisfied customer. For sure my family and I are not happy customers…..Unhappy Customer

  2. Not only the food was not good..I could spot the things that were really wrong. Things that were obviously not right. They cannot even tell that they were not supposed to serve the food to the customer…we were already upset. The staff came a couple of times and ask how was everything…we said “ok”…..but when my a varsity student son paid for the bill…we were taken advantage of. $ wise I told my son to sort it out with them before he paid…I move aside to let him handle and correct the mistake..The Staff rationalize that the bill was right…..and I can tell they do not have the right attitude to be in this business…..When a customer brought up an issue which was obviously wrong. They should try to correct it and say sorry….No ! they continue to take advantage of it. They fleece you !!!
    I was not aware until I reach home.
    Do not buy any Scoopon on this restaurant ” Bryneleigh Hotel “….they will make your experiernce a painful one…….they are not in the business to give you a good experience.
    They have bad intention towards the customer….they very obviously fleeced my son.
    You can forgive an occassional mistake on the food…..but we cannot forgive the restaurant that fleeced the customer…after we told them that it was not correct….It is about bad attitude, bad business mind….bad intention..that is something I will not accept.. And I strongly encourage customers to STAY AWAY from this restaurant….WA students…stay away …there are many restaurants along Hampden Rd to go to which you can have good experience…you can feel we are not only unhappy customers….we are very upset…..we plan to pay to have ba good experience… We do not come and pay and have a painful experiance..feeling upset ……..

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