Royal India – Revisited

As much as it can be nice to wax lyrical about a visit to a new restaurant, it can also be wonderful to go to a place that holds fond memories and to have it impress you again. Consistency is one of my favourite traits in a restaurants and living up to this on several visits now has been the Royal India Restaurant inWest Perth.

As soon as you are a few steps away from the door, the smell of rich Indian spices greets you and welcomes you inside. It wasn’t overly full for lunch on this Tuesday, which meant that those that were dining in were well looked after. We started with the mixed entrée plates ($14.50 per person), which came with a piece of tandoori chicken, a meat samosa and also some sort of sausage the name of which I’ve forgotten. All were delicious and complimented by the minty youghurty sauce that it was served with. Offset some of the lingering heat. Nothing crazy spicey though, which was good for starters.








Then moving along to mains it’s hard to go past their Chicken Makhani (Butter Chicken – Boneless chicken, served with almonds, cream and herbs $28.00) , so we ordered that some along with a serve of Palak Paneer (Fresh spinach and home-made cheese, spiced and cooked with butter $17.00)  to tick the vegies box, then back to meat we chose the lamb madras (Tender lamb pieces cooked in spicy Madras curry sauce $24.50), chilli prawns (Sizzling hot green chilli and ginger $29.00), then some rice and nahn, with a little raita on the side. It was a very impressive spread when it was laid out on the table in front of us and set the three of us a big challenge to get through it. We certainly did out utmost and managed to put a decent dent in it. Hard to go past the flavourful sauces, the meat that melts in your mouth and the nahn bread – oh the nahn bread – such a wonderful means of enjoying more sauce. As with previous visits I enjoyed everything. Unsurprisingly and as the name would suggest, the chilli prawns packed the most punch heat wise, but with a little raita it balanced quite well.

Everything was really delicious and given that I’m not the bravest when it comes to hot food I was glad that the majority of dishes we went with were on the mild side. I find Indian food to be quite filling (might be all that rice and nahn bread I suppose :)) but you still can’t help yourself going back for more. And I know that after this visit I’ll be heading back to the Royal India for more – hard to get enough of a good thing!




































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  1. I absolutely fell in love with Royal India while working for IBC just a hundred metres down the road. The take away lunch’s they offer were so good and such great value that we indulged at least once a week!

    IBC left the West Perth area more than 8 years ago and still to this day I keep returning again and again. The management has not changed during that entire period, they are very friendly and still remember me even when it’s been more than a year since I last dropped by.

    Definitely one of my all time favourite restaurants.

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