Hendrick’s Refined Courtship Clinic

I think the key to getting some attention these days is doing something a little different. Think outside the box, colour outside the lines, etc, etc – be different, you get the idea J

So when I received an email outlining an event called the free-to-use Hendrick’s Refined Courtship Clinic I was more than a little intrigued.

For starters I didn’t know what Hendrick’s was but after a quick google I discovered it was a type of gin. But this didn’t sound like any other alcohol promotion that I’d ever been to. They were usually just a gathering at a pub where the beverage of choice was made available to lucky punters…. And the last one I went to was for a new premixed bourbon drink and bourbon is not high of my list of favoured drinks.










No, no this was something else. The details I received described the clinic as, “A new service offering etiquette tips to both singletons and couples looking to woo potential suitors and develop their relationships with a high level of decorum…. it offers direction on principles and customs from bygone eras – while lavish gestures are in decline when it comes to courting these days, it seems economical good grace and manners are seen as increasingly attractive qualities.”

Reading this my curiosity grew, it all sounded so la-di-dah! Even more so when I read I’d be in the presence of Dr Humphrey SixWivs and Mrs Isabella Forlornicate! They sounded like quite the pair. So the address of the clinic was at 19 Rokerby Road in Subiaco for three days from Friday August 26th through to Sunday, August 28th.








It was a recently vacated shop front that had been transformed into something from the aforementioned bygone eras. Chaise lounges, plush velour chairs, tired trays with dainty sandwiches (with no crusts of course!) and vases of beautiful red roses everywhere. As well as more than a couple of cucumbers that seemed to be placed in all available locations. http://www.facebook.com/thecucumberandrosesociety



























Upon entering one couldn’t help but be impressed with their creativity. If their plan had to pique people’s curiosity enough to get them in the door with their how-di-do’s and curtseys as you walked past then it definitely worked. As you came inside the lovely ladies would take you to one of the vacant chairs and present you with a delicate tea cup full of Hendrick’s Gin with Tonic and a slice of cucumber. As I was told Hendrick’s gin actually contains both cucumber and rose essence which accounted for the interesting decorations throughout.










Everyone was entirely in character the whole time and after spending a few minutes taking in the delightful atmosphere in the ‘lounge’, groups were ushered into the portioned off back room for a ‘session’ with the fine doctor, Humphrey SixWivs and the delightful Mrs Isabella Forlornicate. With them the ladies spent their time learning the art of fan movements and the hidden meanings behind particular flutterings, while then fellows then learnt how to bow, doff their top hats and laugh as only a gentleman can. 

You couldn’t help but chuckle as they ran you through it. They were definitely committed to their characters and were there to ensure that everyone enjoyed themselves. Which in my group I can definitely say that everyone did – it was random, surprising and different.  










So a G&T is always a nice start to a weekend, as it was on the Friday afternoon when I stopped by the clinic. I have no doubt it would have been very popular throughout the weekend and pulled quite the crowd.

I’ve never been a particularly big gin drinker but as far as gin goes this one was a good one. Wonderfully smooth and the slice of cucumber added some extra freshness. So if you are lucky enough to stumble across the clinic as it tours around the country side then definitely worth stopping by! Here’s cheers!

Disclaimer: I was lucky enough to receive a gift bag when I attended the clinic but the musings above were in no way swayed by this.  

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