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One of life’s joys is the chance to catch up with friends that you don’t get to see that often. So when my favourite crew rocked into town from Dubai I was more than a little excited about a chance to head out to dinner with them.

The initial plan had been to re-visit one of their favourite Japanese places in Applecross however it was a very popular place so a meal there on this occasion wasn’t going to happen given that people were spilling out the door. So we decided inside to wander to the other side of Riesley Street to Terrazza.

I’d been to Terrazza in Morley years ago but had never been to this one, so it was still a chance for me to try somewhere different. It is a really large restaurant, with different rooms spanning quite a large area. One benefit of such a large place was that there was no dramas walking in for a table for 4 at 7pm on a Tuesday.

Fairly extensive menu – definitely enough for everyone to find something that they liked the look of – from larger mains to Nasi Goreng to Italian pasta dishes, etc. We started with some garlic bread, which hit the spot quite nicely. Covered in warm, buttery garlicy goodness it had been well toasted and I thought it was pretty tasty. (4 slices for $7.90) We also shared a bottle of the West Cape Howe Sauvignon Blanc – crisp, fresh and a little grassy. Cheers to that!

Around the table everyone ordered something different for mains. Team Dubai went for the linguine (Bacon, Prawns, Onion, Mushroom, Pepper, Dandaragan EVOO with a hint of Garlic and Chilli $24.90) and the veal parmagiana (Crumbed Veal with Mozzarella on Spaghetti Napolitana $24.90), while I decided to tackle the Spanish Chicken (Half-deboned marinated Mt Barker Spring chicken with our own Spanish glaze, Garden salad, Fries $28.50)

and GG, true to form, couldn’t say no to the surf and turf (Eye Fillet (250 grm), Prawns, Scallops, Brandy Cream sauce, Vegetables, Potato $39.90).

The turnaround from ordering to the meals arriving was definitely on the impressively speedy side. And hey no complaints from me on that! I was starving! My meal also was incredibly generous. A large piece of chicken (half a bird according to the menu) on a decent pile of chips and an appetising looking garden salad. Appetising in that everything looked wonderfully fresh and it wasn’t drowned in dressing. Two big ticks right there. Oh and it wasn’t just lettuce. Three for three. So the rest of the meal. Well the chips were pretty good and while the majority of them had been coated in the chicken’s sauce I found I didn’t really mind as it was all pretty tasty. The sauce on the chicken had a nice amount of spice. Not a burn your mouth chilli experience, but just a nice underlying heat to the flavour that offset some of its sweetness. It was also a well cooked bird. Nice and moist and plenty of it. As soon as it arrived I knew I wasn’t going to finish it myself but with GG in tow I was confident that it wasn’t going to go to waste. 








 He’s made quick work of his surf and turf, which he was impressed with, with its creamy sauce over a tower of steak and delicious seafood. Still enough room for him though to help me finish off my chicken. What a guy 🙂 Team Dubai also represented well, with two more empty plates. The linguini probably packed more of a punch on te chilli front than I’d expeierenced but this didn’t phase Mrs L who didn’t leave a skerrick behind. Similarly the veal parmaginaia for Mr C has to have been enjoyed, given how quickly it seemed to disappear.  








 Terrazza strikes me as a place that would work well for family dining. Plenty of room for everyone. And while it might not be fine dining its has big, generous serves from friendly staff. Have to be happy with that.

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