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I was asked along to a work lunch the other week, which let’s face it, i’ve always considered to be a massive perk of my job. This time the location was decided to be Villa D’Este. A bit of an institution in West Perth. It’s been there as long as I have… 6 years now and its old school Italian – white linen table clothes and red roses on the table and wonderfully polished serviced, even crumbs are elegantly scrapped away.

I met up with a fellow, G, I’d crossed paths with many times in the past few years and were chatting at this time about whether could provide any assistance to his company. And let’s face it the best way to do this is in a nice restaurant with good quality food. They do have a business lunch at Villa or you can indulgence in some of the incredible sounding specials that are outlined. And this is the way we went. G went for half a dozen oysters, served fresh with a topping of fresh fruit, while I heard buffalo mozzarella and was sold. And it was incredible! Quite possibly the hugest portion of cheese I’d ever had in an entree. Filled with tomato salsa, topped with rocket with some slices of proscuitto on the side, then a splash of vinno cotto. Oh the flavour combination, I still smile when I think about it now. I had been worried initially when it came out about whether I would be able to eat such a generous portion of one of my favourite cheeses, but I need not have worried. It was light and a little fluffy and all those delicious ingredients together were never going to disappoint. Possibly one of the best entrees I’d had in a while.


Then for mains I decided to continue on with the trend of all things duck this year. Twice roasted the choices of sauce were either orange or a port wine. I decided that I would try the port wine, just for something different and we also ordered a plate of vegetables to share betwene us. G went for the sirlion steak and it was giant!! Very, very big, almost covered the plate.


So how did my duck dish fare compared to others I’ve had in 2011 “the year on the duck”? Well it was nice and similary to the entree it was on the generous side. A large leg, on top a larger piece of duck breast. It was cooked to perfection, crispy skin on the outside and moist on the inside, and the port wine sauce was pleasant, not overly sweet, which was I happy about. It probably just didn’t really wow me as much as previous duck outtings.

G commented that his steak was good and cooked as ordered, but size wise it was much larger than really required, so he didn’t finish it all and I do not blame him.

You can’t fault the service at Villa, it really is delightful and for a special occasion it would be ideal. For a business lunch it also does the job well with the right amount of attention to be unobtrusive. It is on the pricier side if you go with the al a carte option, but if you stuck with the business lunch selections then it would definitely be a lot more economical. I did enjoy myself…… but one comment is that while Villa is a really lovely restaurant when I think about my favourite Italian restaurant in West Perth I find it very hard to go past Perugino…….  I’m a girl that loves a dessert cart ( so they are always going to have a special spot with me.

At the end of the day if you want good Italian then you can have your pick in West Perth – Villa, Peruginos or Julios 🙂 And would unlikely be disappointed!

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  1. I am very jealous that your job lets you take your work lunch to Villa D’Este!! We had a work lunch a few weeks ago and we just went to aroma cafe for a sandwich!

    One thing that i was curious about was how did you mention to G that you had a food blog and were going to post a review on your blog while discussing business?

    P.s. That cheese looks huge!!

    1. Well I’ve known G for a while so he wasn’t too phased when I whipped out my camera to take happy snaps of lunch, which I was glad about 🙂 I don’t think people would have believed me about how big the cheese entree was without a photo!

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