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The past month does feel like it’s been a delicious farewell tour of West Perth. My stomping ground on the work front for just over 6 years now. It honestly amazes me how fast that 6 years has gone by, but when I reflect more do much has happened in that time. Ahh listen to me getting all wistful.

I’ve loved my time in West Perth. It’s a beautiful location to work with plenty of fabulous places to eat. Throughout October I’ve been lucky enough to eat at Villa D’Este, Amphoras, Coast Café, I’ve enjoyed teriyaki chicken a few times in the food court, am off for a drink at the Brown Fox today, I’m headed to Peruginos on Friday for my send off lunch, but last week I seized the opportunity to catch up with a good friend whose moved back to the area for a quick bite of lunch at Outram Café. It’s probably not a café I’ve frequented too many times, but I have enjoyed the few occasions when I had.

Outram Café is essentially a lovely old house that has had its different rooms converted into dining areas. You can either make a selection from the range of ready made sandwiches, rolls or salads they have available in their front cabinet, and match that with a fresh juice made to order, or as we did, pull up a table and peruse their delicious sounding menu.

Given I’d been out to a work breakfast that morning (at AquaVia in Nedlands – stunning location!) I was in the mood for something lighter so I cast my eye over the salads that they had on offer. We both couldn’t go past the Warm Roast Vegetable and Bocconcinni Salad – Eggplant, zuchini, field mushroom, sweet potato, cherry tomato and capsicum on grilled flatbread with chick peas, red pepper dressing and pesto ($24). It sounded very, very tasty.

Nice speedy service and we were soon brought out our matching plates. It was a serious mountain of vegies with some melted bocconcinni treasures dispersed throughout! A colourful stack, expertly piled on top of crispy flatbread. I suspected it would be a challenge for me to finish. But we both went to work on them.















The sweet potato was seriously good. I’m just a huge fan of that vegetable and I think what I liked about its addition to this salad was that while they had roasted it to soft it wasn’t just a pile of mush. I think it’s a fine line for sweet potato. Similarly to pumpkin I suppose. I munched my way through some of the other vegies and one thing that we both noticed was that the salad was lacking some zap. It was then my clever companion realized that they’d forgotten the pesto! This situation was quickly remedied when a small jug was bought out to us and it did add that extra dimension of flavor that I think the salad had needed.

The only other negative for me was that the flat bread was very hard. Took some serious back and forth with the knife to get through it so I didn’t put much of a dent in that…. If it could have just been a little softer that would be have been ideal.

In all I thought it was a nice salad and while more on the filling side, I don’t think I can be disappointed by that. Outram Café is a really lovely spot that makes for a perfect location for a lunchtime catch up.

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