As soon as I had heard that Nobu was going to be opening in Perth I knew I wanted to head along and check it out. For two reasons – firstly my appreciation for Japanese food had definitely stepped it up a notch during 2011 and secondly I was a big Iron Chef fan and I recall that Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto had worked at Nobu in New York so that added another element of cool for me.

So I decided to make a booking as close to the otherside of Christmas as I could. GG and I haven’t managed to ever do the cross over Christmas with each others families as yet, so I booked for December 27th for our quasi Christmas dinner. I was more than a bit excited. One slight aside though was that I wore new shoes I had purchased in the sales that morning, which while stunning were also pure torture for the footsies. Perhaps I should have done a few laps around home in them first. But hey we made it to the restaurant from the car park, with only a little complaining from me 🙂

The restaurant itself is beautiful and fits in perfectly with the whole re-furbed look that Burswood…. or should I say Crown Perth has going for it. We were slightly early for our booking so decided to sit at the bar and enjoy a cocktail before heading to our designated Tepanyaki station. I love the lighting they have. All the coloured glass globes look seriosuly amazing!

GG went for one of his favourites, a Long Island Iced Tea, and I decided to give one of the house specials, a Japanese Mule, a whirl. Delicious – the ginger was so refreshing, I could have drunk a jug full!

Once we had leisurely sipped our tasty beverages we we taken through the restaurant. All the staff greet you as you walk in. It is very special. The al a carte section was already fairly full when we arrived but we were the first one to our Tepankyaki area. They had a choice of two menus available – one for $120 and another for $188. Being as this was my first venture into tepanyaki, I was happy to go with the $120 option – it still sounded very interesting and that we were unlikley to go hungry.

Our chef was a star! Very chatty and entertaining and full talked us through the whole menu, which I found very helpful.

While he prepped for what he was going to be cooking us, our first course was delivered. It was a really simple, but fabulous mixed leaf salad with a spicy lemon dressing which had a mild peppery heat through it. For a bowl of greens it was amazing! Definitely better than your standard cos lettuce with Italian dressing splashed on.

Following on from this came a cone containing Crispy squid with Salt, Pepper and Chilli – another delectable dish! The spritz of lime was nice and zappy. And also tied in nicely with the citrusy magic from the first course.

And now it was time to fire up the hot plate! It was a wonder to watch the chef work. Definitely an entertainment element to tepanyaki. First up was something simple but so well prepared it was one of my favourites! Three varietites of Seasonal Vegetables. We were given a mushroom, some baby carrots and asparagus. Each came with their own perfectly matched sauce. Wow. I only wished that vegies packed that much punch, flavour wise, when I served them at home. I was definitely a fan, early on, of this hot plate grilling caper!

What shall we do next chef? And with a dramatic flourish he placed some plump Tiger prawns on the hot plate to be served with Miso yoghurt and Dry Miso. Ahh prawns. It was quite a work out art how he removed the heads and strategically placed the legs to one side to continue to crisp…. we could only wonder what they would be used for later.

The prawns were seriously fab! Fat, juicy – a whole lotta yum right there.

Especially with the sauce…….. added a nice creaminess to the dish.

Japanese scallops with tabouleh sauce and chive oil were the next order of business and I was deifnitely a fan! How good are scallops. An enticing sweetness to them.  There just never seems to be enough of them…. sigh… never enough.

Still more on the savoury side we moved to the equivalent of the ‘mains’. Introducing the Black Angus Tenderloin with Chinese Cabbage and a choice of three sauces, including Balsamic Teriyaki – nice! Again, half the fun was in watching the meal being prepared….. will you look at that cut of meat!!

And then the flames started! Nothing like a little fire to heighten the drama! Loved it! My sore feet were definitely a distant memory by this time!

I could not wait to be presented with my plate. The crunchy cabbage was delicious, but ahhh the star, definitely the beef! It literally melted in your mouth. Possibly some of the best steak I have eaten all year. Bravo Nobu, bravo!

I thought it was time to finish up and switch to sweet… but not quite yet. How about first we have some delicious beef fried rice? Yes please! We watched each and every ingredient be carefully heated and mixed through the rice. The end result was epic! And by some Christmas miracle I managed to get through all of it with my chopsticks. Mad skills!!

I didn’t remember (unlike me I know!) to take a photo of the miso soup which came next! I could not recall having ever actually had miso soup, its something I usually declined, but it was very tasty! Tehehe was quite entertaining I thought when we were given the bowl of soup and no spoon…. and we were wondering equiette wise, whether it was ok to drink it straight from the bowl. We were told it was and tucked it.

And then dessert appeared – a berry pannacotta and a yuzu granita and the third later I recall being sort of like a citrus jelly. The combination of each of the three on one spoon was bliss. Definitely ended the delicious meal on a high note for me.

So I had waited all this time to visit Nobu….. did it manage to live up to the high expectations I had put on it? I think it did. I thought the food was all wonderfully prepared, service had been incredibly attentive and in all I had a lovely time. Now I just have to head back another time for al a carte so I can try the Black Miso Cod!

See already planning round two, must have liked it 🙂

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