The Chase Bar and Bistro

GG and I headed deep south the other weekend. We ventured to The Chase in Baldivis, nowhere near our neck of the words, but it was for a farewell dinner for GG’s uncle and aunty. Their last night in Perth after a 6 week visit from the UK to the great ol’ land of Oz.

The Chase is a pub, fairly new I’d say, with a slant towards sport. Big plasma screens were strategically positioned throughout and I for one was most grateful for this, because they were playing the Perth Scorchers Semi Final. So that was a bonus. It’s a decent sized place – split into the bar area, an outdoor section and then the restaurant off to the side. Our larger group was sat in the back corner, near the salad bar. Our location proved prudent given that some of the younger guests in our group had a slight tendency to venture away from their seat and “play”. I’ll admit that GG and I weren’t really even that hungry. We’d been to Café Downey (##) for lunch that day and I was still feeling quite content after my Teriyaki burger.

We were given menus then you went up to the bar to order. The challenge with a group our size was that they wouldn’t place the order with the kitchen until everyone had ordered. Reasonable enough I suppose, but as it turned out two kids from the last family to arrive and place their orders were the first to get their meals, while we surmised that it took close to an hour from ordering for everyone to receive our meals. Yes I know a group of 20 can be a challenge, but perhaps it would be better if orders were placed at staggered times so that they were just brought out when they were ready. I don’t know…. issues with either way I suppose. GG and I both ordered the 200g sirloin steak with peppercorn sauce and chips, with the only variance between our meals being my medium to his medium rare. Given the turnaround time in our meals arriving, I found I was slightly hungry when I was finally presented with my plate, so that’s a silver living I suppose.

The steaks were good, the sauce was tasty and the chips were abundant. For $24.50 it was a reasonably priced meal, especially since all mains came with the option of a visit to the salad bar. I wasn’t hungry enough for salad but I did have a quick look. There were all the usual suspects – pasta salad, potato salad, coleslaw…. Enough to keep most happy. Even some sliced fruit if you fancied ending things with something sweet.

The Chase is a loooooong way from home for us, but as far as pub meals go, if this is your part of the world it’s not a bad spot.

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