Boheme Bar and Restaurant

GG and I are currently working through our to do list ahead of our big day later in the year. And I’m pleased to say we are slowly getting there. To that end we headed into town on the weekend to suss out a few things. Ahead of this though, we were both starving so the primary focus on food, food, food.

We wanted somewhere fairly casual and I recalled walking past a pub that I believe used to be Bobby Dazzlers but is now Boheme, so we headed towards there and were pleased that it was nice and easy to secure a table.

We looked over the menu and there was that nice split between lighter items and larger mains. I decided that I’d try their Wagyu Beef Burger ($21) and GG went for the Oven Baked Cone Bay Barramundi, hazelnut butter, roasted carrot, capsicum and kumara ($32). Given how hungry we were we also opted to share some garlic bread ($9).

The ordering system was reminiscent of a recent trip to the Classroom, where you go up and order and are given a buzzer. It’s not a bad concept really. Quite efficient in terms of receiving your meal as soon as it’s been prepared. We ordered a bottle of wine to share and as I sipped that I had a more thorough look around.

They’ve done a nice job with the décor. There’s an abundance of tables and chairs, but everything is still reasonably spaced out, so you don’t feel like you are on top of the next table.

Our buzzer sounded and I raced up to get our garlic bread. It looked fine, hard to stuff up garlic bread isn’t it. Well apparently its not. We had a vote and GG and I concurred that it was some of the lousiest garlic bread we’ve ever had. It just lacked any garlic flavour. It just tasted like oily bread. And it had only been toasted on one side, which can work on occasion, but at this time it really didn’t do too much to enhance the experience.

I even took this zoomed in pic to confirm that there was garlic on there but it has such a weak flavour that it had us both sort of nervous about the impending arrival of our mains.


I did give the Boheme bonus marks for some of their cool shaped plates 🙂 GG’s fish presented well on the pile of roasted vegies with side salad and a creamy sauce. From all account his fish was really nice and I tried some of the roasted parsnip and it really was delicious, especially with that sauce.













My burger was far less enthralling.








First problem was the chips. They looked good, but they had no crunch to them. It was like they had been made ages before and just sat there for ages. And we’d wondered where the garlic was? Well it had all gone into the aioli. Tasty yes, but not even this aromatic dipping sauce could save the chips. The burger itself was fine. Nothing particularly exciting about it though. There was the option to add cheese, bacon, egg…. But I like my burgers fairly simple so had just done with the basic option – lettuce, tomato and red onion relish. The patty was tasty, I’ll give them that, but as far as burgers go I wouldn’t  race back for another.

So in all….. my experience had been fairly lacklustre. GG’s fish had probably redeemed the visit for him, but he had suffered through the average garlic bread and also tried some of my chips, so it’s fair to say that on our next visit to town we’ll be heading elsewhere.

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