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Another lunch outting with my office’s fellow foodie was well overdue. But where should we go? Well as fortune would have it I stumbled across a review by Gail Williams for a place in Applecross called Jacs. It sounded delightful – the thought of a lazy lunch underneath a canopy of jacaranda trees, more than a little tempting. Not that there was much opportunity for it to be as long or lazy a lunch as I would have liked mid week, but hey a girl’s gotta eat!

So we headed over on a Wednesday and were pleased, given the nice day, that we were able to find a table outside. We were asked when we arrived if we had a booking….. we didn’t so I was glad we were still able to be seated. It really was a lovely day – blue skies, a bit of a sunshine, a light breeze – all very Autumn.

So we were brought glasses of water by our friendly waitress and took the time to peruse the menus. There was an interesting selection available – an array of smaller shared plates…. that would have worked perfectly if we had slightly more time, but given constraints we flicked to the larger options. As fate would have it, we both fancied two of the same dishes and much like the little girl on the Old El Paso ad we thought to ourselves “Why don’t we have both?” So we did just that!

So we shared a Calamari Salad, calamari fritti, bean shoots, red onion, capsicum, coriander, mint, sprouts, aioli ($28.00). It was really delicious. Tender squid rings in a light, crispy batter on top of fresh, crunchy greens, packed with the punch of flavour from the mint and coriander. A winner of a salad, no doubt about it.

And the second dish we chose was House made Gnocchi, pumpkin & truffle puree, burnt butter, sage, spinach ($28.00). We were both big gnocchi fans and I was a big fan of their work. Indulgently soft pillows in a delicious pumpkin puree with sage and spinach. The gnocchi parcels just melted in your mouth and the pumpkin puree had a wonderful sweetness to it.

I think between us we had picked two excellent dishes. I loved them both. And it’s always lovely to get to try two meals off the menu. Though don’t get me wrong, I could have happily eaten either all of the gnocchi or all of the salad. Plus there were plenty of other things on the menu that sounded amazing.

And I think one day I’d like to head there when I have slightly more time – a bit more leisurely. I was actually jealous of the fellow at the table behind us. Dining solo, he ordered himself a steak and enjoyed it while he worked his way through a bottle of bubbles. Our kinda fellow. Something to aspire to, that sort of long lunch on a Wednesday. One day…..

But I am glad that it’s so close to the office because it gives me a good reason to head back soon. And looks like there’s a steak night they do on Wednesdays, an occasional degustation or even a perfect location for Mother’s Day….. plenty of perfect occasions to visit!










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