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GG and I do not often head out for breakfast. It’s not that we mind early starts on the weekend, but there always seems to be a bit to do in the morning, so we find ourselves more at lunch or dinner. However last Saturday we had an early appointment in Joondalup (suit fittings for groomsmen), so I thought, why don’t we use this opportunity and try out one of these fab breakfast spots I keep hearing so much about before we go.

So we decided we would wake up nice and early on the Saturday and aim to arrive at 7am when the doors swung open at Tuck Shop Café in Northbridge.

My best friend, Mrs M, had mentioned that she’d been recently and liked it, which is why the name was fresh in my mind. There were a few people there ordering coffee when we arrived, but we were the first to take a seat for a meal.

It was an interesting menu, a mix between traditional breakfast items then later down the list it crept into more lunchtime bites. There was definitely some items, that if it was later in the day I would have been all over! Particularly some of the pork belly dishes, but in this instance and given it was so early I decided I’d keep things fairly simple on this visit and ordered a soy late and a serve of poached eggs on their homemade sourdough bread. GG was slightly more adventurous, going for the Cheese kranski, mustard potatoes, English spinach and onion rings.

With our orders placed we had a chance to have a look around. It’s not a huge place, quite a quaint sized café really, with a cabinet along one wall adorned with cookbooks, different jars and a mismatch of other ornaments, along with boxes with onions and apples! It was nice. Seemed very welcoming, like a collection you’d find in someone’s house.

I also liked that you could see into the kitchen, catching glimpses of the breakfast making action.

We’d had a chat to our friendly waitress while we waited. We had queried what were in the tall jars on the shelves. Turns out they were preserved lemons, which were used in the kitchen frequently and courtesy of friendly patrons who bought in spare bagfuls from their plentiful trees at home 🙂

Our breakfasts soon arrived and I thought mine looked lovely.

What I particularly liked about it, was that the bread seemed to have been toasted and coated in this beautiful flavoured olive oil – so, so nice! And the poached eggs were just cooked to perfection! The indulgent golden yolk spilling out over the toast when I cut into my first egg. Very,  well done 🙂

And across the table, GG was making quick work of the mountain of a meal he’d been delivered. I sampled some of his fried potatoes and the mustard which had been used to season them really worked a treat! I didn’t try the sausage, but am told it was also very good. In all this was a solid meal for a growing lad and he was not still hungry when he finished it.

As we left I definitely thought to myself, why don’t we go out for breakfast more often? Early starts –yes, but we were definitely bounding with energy for the rest of the day after this big feed. I suppose they say “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” for a reason….

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