Lamonts Cottesloe – Sunday “Tapas” Series

Given that the first Sunday of April is fast approaching I wanted to let folks know about a wonderful event that Lamonts Wine Store in Cottesloe is holding…. and I’d almost expect that at this late stage that the April one could be sold out.

On the first Sunday of each month Lamonts hold their “Tapas Series”, either a lunch or dinner where they feature 8 different wines and these are matched with a delicious 5 course tapas lunch. It is fabulous and at $75 a person, pretty decent value too!

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I’d been to this Lamonts a while back for dinner and thoroughly enjoyed it but it was equally as lovely to venture here in the day time. It was a really well run event and the friendly in house wine expert poured each wine, while providing us with some background on why they had been chosen with the dish.

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And the food was brilliant! While I enjoy tapas because it provides an opportunity to sample a bunch of different dishes, they arranged it such that everyone was presented with their own individual portion of each dish. Meant there was a well timed pace to the dishes arriving and everything ran so smoothly – like a well oiled machine, they’d done this before 🙂


Here are a few happy snaps of the delicious dishes from my visit:

Tapenade, anchovies, olives, baguette. I’m not usually a massive anchovy fan as I find them generally to be too fishy for me, but these ones weren’t actually too bad and just seemed to enhance the saltiness of the dish. The tapenade was delicious.


And despite my concerns about fishy fish, it was in fact a fish dish that was my favourite! Snapper with coconut and avocado salsa. The combination of snapper with avocado, coriander and lime was perfect! Light, delicate fish and a really fresh and zesty combination of flavours for the salsa.


Chicken “saltimbocca”, pesto risoni. This dish reminded me that I really like risoni and that I had a packet at home that I should really do something with. Maybe mix it up with some pesto, worked a treat here! And the chicken wrapped in prosciutto was just delicious!

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A close second for favourite dish was Roast beetroot, crisped chorizo, horseradish. I think I’m used to chorizo being served in quite chunky slices. So nice to try it thinner and really crisped up! The spicy flavour of the chorizo married up well with the sweetness from the roasted beetroot. All kinds of yum!

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The final dish was something sweet – Pear and ginger cake. We were all feeling pretty comfortable at this stage so it was nice to end with a lighter dessert. Still very tasty and enjoyable, just not as heavy as something of the chocolate persuasion would have been to conclude our eating adventure.


Wouldn’t hesitate to head back! A great way to spend a Sunday! 🙂

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