Morries and Must

So after all of the olive oil sampling both GG and I were a little peckish and I’d heard about a popular eatery in Margaret River called Morries. Now I knew it was in Margaret River but hadn’t actually thought to memorise the address. I was hopeful it was along the main drag in Margs, so we drove until we fortunately happened across it.


We arrived around 11.30, so they were switching from the breakfast menu to the tapas and lunch menu. This worked for us, so we figured that we would continue our ‘make your own eating adventure’ and just opted to peruse the tapas choices. There were some really tasty sounding choices available but we didn’t want to max out on food at our second stop so we limited our order to just four items.

A serve of the Mushroom and Talleggio arancini balls, garlic aioli ($10.00), the Masterstock Pork belly, thai caramel, coriander ($9.50), a Wagyu Burger, McHenry Bacon, Cold Smoked Tomato Relish ($11.00) and finally the Shark Bay Tempura Whiting Fillets, Caper Aioli ($9.00).

Being prior to lunchtime I can only assume that alcohol wasn’t available, as no drinks list was presented but this was fine and we just stuck to water. Looking around they were pulling a healthy Sunday crowd. The place had an eclectic mix of art adorning the walls and there was quite a chilled vibe to the place, which was in keeping with the chilled vibe of Margaret River.



Our food didn’t take too long to arrive and did present nicely when it did – many a pleasant aroma greeted us as everything was placed on the table, further kick starting our appetite.


Always hard to tell with tapas and prices how many serves you get of certain things. With the wagyu slider, it was just the one, which in retrospect for the price shouldn’t have come as a surprise, but we carefully cut it in half and I was glad that we shared because it was just delicious. Plenty of flavour, a wonderfully juicy patty and really liked the tomato relish – a lovely balance of spicy and sweet in that sauce.



I didn’t mind the arancini either, generously cheesy. You could definitely taste the mushroom and they had a pleasing crunch to their outer coating.




I’ll admit though that we were both a bit disappointed with the whiting. For the price, the serving seemed on the small side, but it also seemed to lack something taste wise. We just didn’t find anything particularly punchy about the flavour, there wasn’t really a wow factor with the dish.


On the other hand, the standout for me was the pork belly. Indulgently caramelised, it tasted divine! We battled for our equal share of the pork pieces. Yum!


In all I’d liked the majority of dishes we’d chosen. Probably would have just traded out the whiting…. Undoubtedly for more of that pork belly! Really, very good!

I’m happy we visited Morries and would head back and work my way through a few more of their menu items!

Once we’d finished lunch we decided we’d mosey on down the road, just a bit of a wander to take in some sunshine. Was a lovely day and several other folks seemed to have a similar idea. We walked past Must and the idea of sitting on the other side of their big open front windows with a glass of vino in hand was just too tempting and we headed inside. I’d actually never been to the Margaret River branch of Must but had visited the Beaufort St addition several times and with Russell Blaikie at the helm in the kitchen they do fabulous food.



On this visit we decided we’d just stick with a beverage and with a glass of white for me and glass of red for my fellow, we sat and watched the world go by for a leisurely spell.


It was very pleasant. Really like the fit out of Margs Must too. It’s actually a pretty big space.


I had thoroughly enjoyed our brief time in Margaret River – Morries and Must, like other M&M’s were a winning pair.

And on we went J

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  1. Love Morries Anytime, we had the most amazing caramel parfait there and can’t go wrong with Must, still remember the beautiful wagyu pasta we had there last time.

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