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I was long overdue for a catch up with one of my friends, Miss P, and it was proving difficult to find a time in the evenings when we could align our calendars for dinner. To fix this problem, we decided it would be easier to line up an early rendezvous for breakfast before work. We had both been keen to try out the new addition to Beaufort St, Mary Street Bakery ever since it opened but were conscious that it was very busy on the weekends. So a 7am breakfast provided the perfect opportunity for us to beat the crowds and try out this Perth newbie. I mean they had my attention as soon as I saw the word ‘bakery’. There is something magical about baked goods, the heady aroma of rising loaves and a variety of sweet treats from flaky pastry Danishes to muffins to carefully crafted little tarts. At Mary Street Bakery they’ve even put their spin on the current pastry darling, the cronut.

We arrived a touch before 7am and were the second table to be seated. Our friendly waiter swiftly brought a bottle of water, offered us menus and took our coffee orders (skinny lattes all round please) – all very efficient! They have done a great job with the fit out. Has quite a warm feel to it with all the wooden panelling and all those delicious baking aromas filling the air. We sat near the window and it was a nice spot to watch the world go by.  


Our coffees looked lovely and were well made, complete with a pleasing artistic swirl on the top. I definitely appreciate coffee art, makes your standard cuppa that bit more special. The coffee was by Pound Coffee, roasted by WA locals. 


Knowing that a caffeine injection was at hand we placed our food orders. It’s a pretty interesting menu. Not overly extensive but some really original sounding breakfast choices, along with a few favourites. I decided to keep things fairly simple and ordered the Free
range boiled eggs, buttered soldiers, tomato chipotle chutney ($11.00)
while Miss P opted for the ‘Old English’ Bacon, Egg, White Bread, HP Sauce ($14.00).

We sat and chatted and sipped on our coffees and before too long it was time for breakfast! Miss P’s sandwich was something to behold. Two generous slices of thick white bread filled with an abundance of bacon and a fried egg. It looked very tasty and pleasingly, despite all that bacon didn’t appear to be overly greasy. Verdict from Miss P was very positive J

I loved the presentation of my breakfast. Yes it was just boiled eggs and toast, but the buttered toast soldiers were delicious and the eggs were cooked to soft perfection. It was with a dash of whimsy that I eagerly dipped my first solider into the egg, much like I did when I was much younger. I’m not sure why in my adult life the focus has always been on eggs done others way. Primarily poached
these days I’d say, sometimes scrambled, rarely fried but I couldn’t tell you the last time that I indulged in a soft boiled egg, let alone cut my toast into soldiers! It’s all squares and triangles when you’re a grown up. So I thoroughly enjoyed it. The tomato relish was also a solid addition. Plenty of flavour and a nice combination with the toast and some of the egg. They also provided a dainty pile of salt flakes that I liberally sprinkled onto my eggs. Simple things done very well. Nice work Mary St Bakery!


Now before we left we both moseyed on up to the top counter to peruse the selection of baked goods because I was pretty sure I would be leaving with a sweet treat for later. It was a very difficult decision! After reminding myself that I didn’t need to leave with one of everything because I would be able to make a return visit, I was relatively restrained and opted for a lemon meringue tart. It burnt a whole in my bottom drawer at work until later that morning and it was divine! The right balance of sugar sweet, fluffy meringue and zesty lemon curd. Yum.


Mary Street Bakery is a great addition to the buzz of Beaufort Street and I look forward to heading back again soon!

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