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Earlier in the year, on the other side of the world from me in New York City a chef called Dominique Ansel for Dominique Ansel Bakery would create a pastry treat that would capture the attention of the globe and of this fare food blogger. I’m of course talking about the Cronut. Now a trademarked name the Cronut is a croissant doughnut hybrid and as soon as I saw it I found myself wishing for the day that a West Aussie bakery would have a red hot go at making one themselves. On the east coast patissiere extraordinaire Adriano Zumbo starting making Zonuts and Movida made Doissant. It was a pastry craze!

Finally an article in the West announced those Perth establishments who’d taken their own spin on this pastry gem. Funnily enough while I knew Prague Bakery was closer to home in Kingsley I also knew I would be driving through Bindoon and right past Bindoon Bakehaus on my way to Moora for my grandmas 90th birthday in September so it was decided that this was when the stars would align for me to finally try one!

I’ll admit that I didn’t actually expect to like it. I thought it to be fairly heavy and also quite sickly sweet with all the icing I had seen on pics of them. Given this my two accompanying road trippers and I decided we would share one. There was a very decent crowd when we pulled in on Sunday morning. We decided we’d also spilt a sausage roll because the delicious aroma of them basically smacked me in the chops when I walked in. And pies are too hard to split between 3 🙂 I spied the Cronuts or should I say ‘BBnuts’ not long after recovering from my sausage roll induced swoon 🙂 They retailed for $4.75. Thankfully they had plastic knives available so after paying I happily skipped our two white paper bags to the car. We wolfed down our share of the sausage roll (which was delicious – plenty of flavour and a good meat to pastry ratio), but our focus was on sweets and it was BBnut time!


I carefully cut it into as three pieces as equal as I could make them. It looked light and flakey with delicate layers and a generous apricot jammy centre. I bit in and the lightness of it surprised me. It was more croissant than doughnut. Had the pleasing cinnamon sugar coating on the outside and the icing on top wasn’t too thick or over the top and the same was the case with the jam. It was definitely sweet but I quite liked the apricot flavour to it. It was only a few bites each given we were splitting it but I thoroughly enjoyed it! Vastly exceeded my expectations – clearly a popular pastry for a reason!


So I head back to Moora at Christmas time, not sure I’ll be quite so lucky to find the Bindoon Bakehaus open on Christmas Day but hey my fingers are crossed!

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  1. Mary St bakery has a version also. Structurally they (the one you have pictured and the one at Mary St) are quite different from the pictures I have seen of the NY cronut.

    1. I actually might have spied them when I was there the other week but didn’t try them. Will definitely have to head back to MSB to try their version. Good to compare and contrast 🙂 Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

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