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This post is only short and sweet, but as someone who isn’t normally overly wowed on the coffee front I thought I’d share my recent experience. I mean I like coffee, but I’m just not full bottle on the intricacies of the barista process, so I had to give mention to what was a very nice brew that I enjoyed recently. Humblebee Coffee is an independently owned coffee company hidden away, just off the main drag in Mount Hawthorn.
The Humblebee team is passionate about coffee. They roast small batches of single origin coffee and essentially brew them fresh. There’s that lovely heady aroma of coffee as you walk inside their cosy and welcoming establishment.
We micro-roast and taste each batch to assure you have the best possible coffee experience.
You’ll notice on their brief menu that they have made the bold decision that if you want a coffee you’ll be getting it black or white – skim, soy or decaf are not options. In the age where substitutions are more the norm than the exception they have their focus firmly aimed at coffee aficionados who appreciate this purist attitude. And while I would never profess to be a coffee snob, there are the odd occasions when I’ll recognise that a coffee has been crafted with slightly more care and attention to detail than at some other establishments.
So I met Miss P for breakfast and for food the only options were a few pastries, but I indulged and ordered a chocolate croissant and for my morning caffeine fix I opted for a white coffee. We arrived a touch after 7 and while we perched on the mismatched benches and wooden stools there was a steady stream of folks who wandered inside for their morning coffee.
I hadn’t had a chocolate croissant in a good long while, but it was wonderfully buttery and flakey with some decadent stripes of chocolate along the centre. Not my normal bowl of muesli so quite a nice treat. But the focus was on the coffee and I have to say it really was nice. Reasonably strong and served at a nice temperature. I know the perfect coffee temperature is said to be around 60 or so degrees, but I’m partial to it being a touch hotter and this was right on the mark in my opinion.
So a brief visit but given that Mount Hawthorn is close to home…. and I could make it on the way to work… I suspect I’ll be calling in for a few take away cups some time soon!
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