Lido Restaurant Stirling – my new favourite take away!

Since my first visit to Lido in Northbridge last year I have been a massive fan. Such lovely Vietnamese food, always so fresh and full of flavour! I’m so grateful that on my first visit I was with Mrs M who introduced me to the wonder of Shaking Veal, which I’d say is the best dish on their menu. Amazingly tender meat, well marinated and served on a refreshing bed of lettuce and sliced tomato. So good!

Now late last year when I drove to work on Hutton St and saw that the old Villa Picasso had changed owners and was going to be a new branch of Lido I literally almost drove off the road I was so excited! Not long after their opening day I seized the opportunity and placed my first take away order from Lido Stirling.

I stuck with what I knew and ordered two of my go to dine in dishes from the Northbridge store – Shaking Veal and the Beef Chow Hofun (dry). Along with that we also ordered a Chicken with Mushroom, Broccoli and Ginger and some steamed rice. That will be ready in 15 minutes I was told when I called. Wonderful, not long at all. I jumped in the car and drove myself to Main Street.

My order was waiting for me when I arrived and I swiftly paid and got myself home as quickly as my Getz would allow. My car was filled with the beautiful aromas from the lovely Lido food and soon enough we were opening plastic containers and loading up plates. The Shaking Veal comes in 3 dishes – one with the meat, one with the salad and a little dish of sauce, so you just assemble it at home on a plate. Easy peasy.


I just love the flat rice noodles in the hofun. So great and plenty of thinly slice beef in this dish. Definitely a favourite.


And the new dish that tends to be included in our take away trio is the Chicken with Mushroom, Broccoli and Ginger. Ticks the box for veg and I think it’s great that the mushroom is served in such chunky slices. It has a really punchy ginger flavour too. Fresh ginger is a wonderful thing.


I loaded up a mountain of food on my plate, like I hadn’t eaten all day and eagerly got stuck in. It was delicious! I am so very, very happy to have Lido as my local 🙂


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