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Ploy Thai has been part of the Eighth Avenue, Maylands scenery for a while now. It became a favourite of many locals as soon as the owners made the move from their previous home in Subiaco and have been pulling consistent crowds ever since. It’s a fairly inconspicuous restaurant, melding in with the other cafes, picture framing store, fish and chip shop and the rest of the random collection along that strip. It is quite small inside, which means you have to arrive early or plan ahead for any dine in aspirations, but plenty seem content to just call in for take away.

I caught up with a friend for dinner there recently. We arrived right on 6 on a Monday evening, with a bottle of wine in tow (free BYO – always a plus!) so we had no issue finding a table. Staff are welcoming and efficient and we were swiftly brought menus and water as soon as we were seated.

My dining companion, Miss L, actually lives within a stone’s throw of Ploy Thai so she could recommend a few dishes she’d had recently and enjoyed….. which did seem to be the majority of the menu, which I thought boded well for whatever we went with. We decided to start with spring rolls and then share

Thai Fried Rice – Thai Style fried rice cooked with chicken, egg, onions and vegetables
Pad Chicken with Cashew Nuts – Sliced chicken stir fried with sweet chilli paste, cashew nuts, vegetables and Thai Sauce.

The spring rolls arrived in a flash and were red hot with perfectly crispy pastry and a small dish of sweet chilli sauce. I looked longingly at them. It’s always a battle between knowing you desperately want to eat them because they look and smell divine, but knowing you should probably just give them a few moments so you don’t burn your mouth to bits. I waited for what felt like an eternity, but in reality was more like a minute, and took an eager first bite. Very tasty! We liberally dunked them in the sweet and spicy sauce and in a flash they had disappeared.


Our two shared mains followed not long after. Yum! Freshly wokked up, they filled our table with delicious heady aromas that further kick started the taste buds into action. We each loaded up our plates. I loved that there were ample vegies along with the plump chicken pieces and plenty of cashews for some added crunch. The actual flavour of the sauce was just wonderful. Not too spicy, which worked for me, and I could appreciate it was a carefully balanced blend of ingredients, a splash of this, a sprinkle of that, that came together to form a very tasty final product.


Similarly with the Fried Rice. There was plenty going on with it. Lots of tasty ingredients and some larger pieces of shredded chicken too, which was a welcome addition. Always good to tick the protein box while you chow down on comforting carbs. I mean how good is fried rice! I thoroughly enjoyed both dishes and it was more than enough for two people. Miss L may have actually headed home with some leftover. Perfect for tomorrow’s lunch 🙂


It’s a popular spot for a reason and if you are either wandering through Maylands one evening or driving home down Eighth Ave then be sure and call in for some quality Thai food! Thanks Ploy Thai 🙂

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    1. Haha it is Angie 🙂 just down eighth ave. I actually grew up in Maylands and I assure you the train station is much less dodgy now….. Though still some colourful characters around 🙂

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