Bruschetta Battle – Round 3!

And so continued the breakfast bruschetta battle last week when I made a highly anticipated return to Sayers Sisters in Northbridge. Highly anticipated because Sayers are a consistent performer in the breakfast stakes, whether at this sister venue or their originals Sayers Food in Leederville.


I think the fit out of Sayers Sisters is just beautiful. There’s lovely ornate light fixtures, quirky artwork, vast mirrors and the contrasting exposed brick and polished concrete floors. There is also some really interesting seating options, including the two high backed seats my friend and I chose, which were just so comfortable I could have set up camp there all day and just worked my way through all their cakes – wishful thinking…… for another day.


We kicked off proceedings on a wet wintery morning with a much appreciated coffee before perusing the menu but knowing as soon as I saw it what I would be having. Hello breakfast bruschetta – round 3 🙂


It was definitely a different take on the dish when compared with the first two I had sampled. The fresh tomato had been traded out for semi sun dried and the basil for an olive tapanade. Similarly to The George it was a solo egg affair. It was ample though! I started with a little of the crunchy bread with some of the tomato and feta. A different spin but it totally worked and there was a real richness to the tomato flavour.

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The next order of business was the all important slice right though the middle of that poached egg. Sheer yolky perfection as I watched that golden river spill onto my plate. Now the ideal accompaniment to this runny yolk were the fingers of toast that had been provided. That’s right there was an assembly of soldiers on my plate eagerly waiting to report for yolk duty. So tasty and such a simple but amazing pairing. The whole dish was incredibly flavoursome, the creamy feta with the mild hint of salt, the sweet tomatoes and then the olive tapanade was a welcome addition. While I had thought I’d be able to finish it no worries, as it turned out it was incredibly filling and I may have had to leave a crust or two behind.

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Delicious. And confirming my initial sentiments that the Sayers folk make a mean breakfast. Though vastly different from the first two in my breakfast bruschetta battle, it was another winner. I would say that as the battle rages on, at this stage The George’s version is my favourite but it’s a tight race! Thanks to a few suggestions from folks around town, I also have a few new places I hope to visit soon to sample their spin on the Breakfast Bruschetta.

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