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Recently I had a later than anticipated night out at the fabulous first birthday soiree at Laneway Lounge and had a breakfast scheduled for the following morning with a friend at Uncle Joe’s Mess Hall. I hadn’t been to Uncle Joe’s before, but as soon as I saw the menu I was pleased with our location selection because they had some really interesting choices. A few items would traditionally be considered lunch items, but you know what? Some mornings a Piggy Roll – Pulled Pork and Apple Slaw on a Charred Brioche Bun is just what you might fancy for your breakfast! So I locked that in and teamed it with a Wizz Fizz Juice and a flat white.

I liked the fit out at Uncle Joe’s, it had a bit of a trendy warehouse vibe, along with some welcoming greenery. As you wander into the entrance off King Street, you can spy on their on-site Barber Shop. I’d seen a fair few pics on Insta of the hipster clientele that frequent said barber shop and it seemed like a popular place.

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So with a Piggy Roll locked in for me, my breakfast bud, Mrs P ordered the meatballs. Oh yes, meatballs for breakfast, why not?


The juice that I ordered was wonderfully refreshing with a punchy citrus infusion and a generous kick of ginger spice. I really liked it. It woke you up. I sometimes find juices can be a little too sweet, but this was just perfect.

The coffee was similarly lovely with its artistic milk swirl on top. Ahhh the initial sip… that wonderful moment in the morning when you enjoy your first caffeinated beverage. It’s a cherished daily ritual.

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And on the food front, I was a big fan of my roll. Pretty as a picture on the plate. It was filled with an abundance of deliciously flavoursome, richly spiced pulled pork with a contrasting crunchy slaw that had a pleasant sweetness from the apple. The red cabbage added some bold colour. It was a nice filling breakfast too.

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There were some very tempting baked goods on offer as well, like these homemade lamingtons or some very appealing cookies. I am very much looking forward to a return visit some time soon so I can partake in the baked goodies.


I loved getting my cool on at Uncle Joe’s!

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