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I do enjoy a burger. They are filling and flavoursome and perhaps a little bit naughty when slathered with sauce and piled sky high with a thick, juicy patty, bacon, egg, cheese, fried onion rings….. You see plenty in burgers these days. Plus they obviously go hand in hand with fries on the side.

I actually favour simplicity on the burger front and on a recent visit to V Burger Bar in Floreat with GG – that handsome husband of mine – we both ordered the Americana  (grilled beef patty, cheddar, pickle, mixed lettuce, tomato, cooked onion, house relish & aioli $14.50) – because we were drawn to the brioche bun and mention of pickle.


We kicked things off by sharing a bowl of Battered Chips and a serve of Crumbed Haloumi. Ahh crumbed cheese, how could we say no? Our sides arrived swiftly with the friendly waitress noting our burgers weren’t far away either. I eagerly dunked a haloumi finger into the accompanying chilli relish. Queue that highly anticipated first bite. The haloumi didn’t quite have a squeaky texture like when you pan fry it, it was more of a melted gooey consistency, held together with crispy crumbs. I thought the relish paired really well with it, added a bit of spice. They were nice and I enjoyed trying something different but I prefer my haloumi a little heavier on the squeak.


They were lovely, well-seasoned chips and you can purchase several different dipping sauces, (BBQ/Aioli / Spicy mayo/Lime sweet chilli mayo/Honey mustard) though we opted to go sans sauce on this visit.


Onto the main event and our burgers appeared. Stacked high and speared through the middle, they looked pretty darn good with plenty of fresh ingredients poking out the edge. My first mouthful was a tasty affair. A solid, meaty patty and an abundance of crunchy greens, sweet tomato and a medley of sauces with a few thinly sliced pickles thrown in the mix for good measure. It was very filling with the brioche bun…..and after all those chips and haloumi fingers.


I enjoyed my burger and it is always handy to know of a solid hunger buster in Floreat should I be craving a big ol’ burger when I’m in or around the area. So keep V Burger Bar in mind when you are in that part of the world, they have an extensive menu which includes chicken, beef, lamb, vegetarian and even mini burgers. Sure to have something to keep everyone happy.

Thanks for lunch V Burger Bar.

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