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“The cornerstone of good cooking is to source the finest produce.” Neil Perry


I have a couple of Neil Perry’s cookbooks on my shelf at home and I’ve seen him feature on many TV shows over the years and I’ve eaten at his Perth restaurant, Rockpool, a few times before. But this week I was supremely fortunate to sit down with a small group of others and chat with the man himself about some new additions to the Rockpool bar menu.


The bar section of Rockpool Perth has become The Burger Bar and 10 new burgers had been introduced. Burgers fans rejoice!


  • Cheese: Tomato, Lettuce, Gruyere Cheese, Zuni Pickles Cheese and Tomato Chilli Relish $22
  • Bacon: Tomato, Lettuce, Bacon, Gruyere Cheese, Zuni Bacon Pickles and Tomato Chilli Relish $24
  • OZ: Tomato, Lettuce, Bacon, Gruyere Cheese, Beetroo OZ: t, Zuni Pickles and Tomato Chilli Relish $25
  • Chilli: Tomato, Lettuce, Bacon, Gruyere Cheese, Zun Chilli: i Pickle, BBQ Sauce and Jalapeno Chilli $24


  • Cheese: Onion, Pickles, Tomato, Lettuce, American C Cheese: heese and BBQ Sauce $18
  • Bacon: Onion, Pickles, Tomato, Lettuce, American Ch Bacon eese, Bacon and BBQ Sauce $20
  • OZ: Onion, Pickles, Tomato, Lettuce, American Chees OZ e, Bacon, Beetroot and BBQ Sauce $21
  • Chilli: Chilli: Onion, Pickles, Tomato, Lettuce, American Cheese, Bacon, Jalapeno Chilli and BBQ Sauce $20


  • Fried Chicken Breast Burger with Coleslaw, Gruyere Cheese and Spicy Mayonnaise $18
  • Fried Chickpea and Tofu Burger $16

Their signature David Blackmoore Wagyu Burger remains, but is now available in four flavour combinations. New to the menu is some West Australian flavour with beef from Mindaroo Station in the north of the state. Mindaroo Station is owned by iron ore magnate Andrew Forrest and his wife Nicole. “The beef is very high in minerality and tenderness, imparting a strong, clean beef flavour.” Like the landscape of the Australian north west, this beef was ‘iron fed’.

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At this amazing lunchtime adventure we were all able to try burgers from both the Wagyu and Mindaroo range, so we could compare and contrast. Obviously, the funnest game ever. Just quarters though mind you, because having to eat numerous whole burgers was going to always likely to prove challenging, but I would have given it a crack.

The first one we tried featured the local beef and said to be Neil’s current favourite. “While it’s difficult to beat the original wagyu burger, my ‘perfect’ burger at the moment is the Minderoo Beef bacon burger featuring onion, pickles, tomato, lettuce, American cheese, bacon and BBQ sauce on our signature brioche bun,” he says. I think as soon as you take your first bite you can fully appreciate why. It was served with melty cheese, crispy bacon and an abundance of crunchy slices of pickle on a shiny brioche bun. It was heaven. Real classic American style flavours and the beef was wonderfully flavoursome. I hadn’t been sure if I’d be able to spot the difference in the two beef varieties, but it was actually quite noticeable, though equally as delicious in its uniqueness.



We then tried the wagyu in the chilli burger option and it was so good! There was the right amount of heat in the chilli sauce, so you could feel the tingle on your lips, but not so much that the spice overpowered the other flavours. The burgers went from strength to strength and it was smiles all round as the next one arrived. From crispy chicken with slaw and even the vegetarian option were all well received. I know right! Enjoying a vegie burger! Well played Team Rockpool.



Then there are the fab sides, giant onion rings and excellent chips and it rounded out what had been an epic visit to Rockpool to try out this entirely memorable line up of burgers.



Ok, ok then when Neil asked the table of mostly ladies if we would like to share some desserts, it was inevitable that we were going to say yes, yes, all the time yes. Now I have sung the praises of the about the burgers, the absolutely delicious burgers, but do save room for something sweet, because just look!

Crème Caramel $21
Passionfruit Mousseline and Curd with Coconut Sorbet and Lime $23
Catherine’s Passionfruit Pavlova $21
Bahibe Chocolate Mousse Dacquoise with Honeycomb, Orange and Aged Balsamic $23 

My thanks to the amazing team from Crown Perth and Neil Perry and the Rockpool Perth for the invitation. And for the salted caramels. They are my most favourite.


Rockpool Bar & Grill Perth is the first Rockpool Group restaurant to feature this new burger concept and menu. “We want to make the Burger Bar in Perth a destination in its own right, a popular place where you can drop in for a casual lunch or dinner or a quick bite before you see one of the great shows at Crown Theatre,” says Neil.


Rockpool Bar & Grill’s Burger Bar is open for lunch Sunday to Friday and dinner seven days.

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