“Take a fresh look….. at food” with Noranda Shopping Village

So you’ve cooked up a delicious roast beef for Sunday lunch and you have leftovers, which can only mean one thing. The challenge is on to make sure that none of that beautiful roast goes to waste! Hmm, but what to make? That’s where Noranda Shopping Village wants to help you. They are focused on helping to reduce food wastage and have put together some handy recipe booklets, which can be picked up free in store with some tasty ideas. They are asking you to “Take a fresh look….. at food”.

Chef Iain Lawless has put together a collection of quick and healthy recipes, including simple ideas to create new dishes with any leftovers.

They’ve focused their recipes on vegies, poached chicken and roast beef and they offer you an initial recipe ‘first create this’ like their Roast Beef, Slow Roasted Balsamic Tomato & Green Beans with Zesty New Potatoes, which does sound delicious, and then there are two or three recipes for each of those three ingredients that you can transform with the ‘then turn it into this’ dish, like Beef and Potato Salad with Caramelised Onion & Horseradish Mayonnaise or Pasta with Beef, Chilli, Tomato & Parmesan.


I was recently asked if I’d like to try one of their recipes out and as someone who really enjoys cooking and trying out new recipes, it was a definite yes. So I tried out the third of their ‘then turn it into this’ beef recipes, the Thai Beef Salad with Hot & Sour Dressing. Now I’m a big fan of roast beef, so I enjoyed that these booklets provided some interesting and relatively easy to make options for how to spin those leftovers into a completely different dish. There actually isn’t too much prep with this one either and no cooking which is always nice. Sure there’s a little slicing and dicing to be done as you get all the fresh salad ingredients added to the bowl, but all very manageable. Thankfully roast beef when cold is a delight to carve into thin slices, so easy peasy to get all that leftover beefy goodness involved in the recipe.

Then you create the dressing, which brings this whole dish together and really adds a generous splash of Thai flair.


Now let me tell you, this salad will get those taste buds dancing! It has a lively amount of chilli, both fresh and dried but what I enjoyed most was that the recipe creates a really welcome balance between salty, sour and sweet elements in that dressing, which is quintessentially Thai. Then you have all the fresh herbs in the mix and it is honestly a very vibrant affair and you’ve created (with thanks to Chef Iain) something oh so flavoursome with your humble roast beef leftovers. Plus it just looks the goods with all those bright colours, slices of beef and finally the sprinkling of cashews. Definitely a step up on what I’ve done with roast beef leftovers previously, which if I’m honest has just been sandwiches, which sure are tasty but this is a really fun and fresh option and something different.


Recipe booklets will be available at Noranda Shopping Village and a number of other Hawaiian owned shopping centres throughout August. Be sure to grab one when you are in store, where you can also enter to WIN a week’s worth of groceries every week this month. You never know when you might need some tasty inspiration for your leftovers!

Please note: This post was sponsored. The recipe was delicious and I look forward to making it again 🙂

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