Lunching at Miss Chow’s at Westfield Whitfords City

Westfield Whitfords City has recently splashed a little cash on a flashy new dining and entertainment precinct…… ok not a little, a whole lot, $80mil to be precise and the result? It’s a total winner! A real star in the north.


Open for a few weeks now, the new area includes ten exciting restaurants, a massive Events Cinema, which includes a fancy Gold Class, and a giant microbrewery with room for 750 thirsty punters! And the new eateries are all top notch too, with a lot of food favourite bases covered.


On my debut visit on the opening weekend we headed to Miss Chow, which is the second venue for this fine dumpling loving establishment.


Now to say that Perth has turned out to give this new addition something of a lookie loo was a slight understatement. As far as I could tell everyone who lives in Western Australia was here to check it all out. Busy, busy, busy with crowds galore!

We arrived for our 12pm booking around 20 minutes early, but it meant we were lucky enough to snag one of the highly sought after outdoor seats. They are a fun location, given you get to see all the action in the courtyard essentially from front row seats. Bring on the show!


I’d not eaten at Miss Chows other restaurant in Claremont before but having done some pre visit menu studying I was very excited about our lunch. Helpfully for debut visitors the menu highlights the signature dishes and so we made sure our order included a few of those and went with:

  • BBQ Pork bun (2pcs) – $7 
  • Shanhainese Dumplings – 5 pieces soup dumplings with fillings, Minced pork – $9
  • Pan fried dumplings – Pork & Vegetable (4pcs) – $9
  • Miss Chow’s Spicy Fried Chicken – $10
  • Hokkien Noodles (gfo) – Stir-fried thick egg noodles, egg & vegetables, Chicken – $20
  • Miss Chow’s Special Fried Rice (gfo) – Served with egg, prawns & chicken – $16


On the drinks front the sunshine steered GG towards a beer and Pure Blonde ticked the box and I decided I’d give the Miss Chow Spritz a whirl because it was basically an Aperol Spritz which I’m a massive fan of. It presented beautifully! The bitter orange flavour is so intensely refreshing, just the right amount of effervescence and was perfect for the sunny day.


The first dish to arrive was the Shanghainese dumplings, which are a mince dumpling that is also full of soupy goodness! What kind of magic is that? I was really keen to try them and they did not disappoint. The soup was at a good temperature and it was really interesting texturally to have that burst of soup trapped within the dumplings and flavour wise was all very tasty.




Next up was some of Miss Chow’s spicy fried chicken. With the crispy pieces and generous drizzle of sauce, there was a clash of chop sticks as we both eagerly fought for a piece. Battle on! It was really delicious, with a pleasing amount of spice coating the tender chicken. I can definitely appreciate why they have this on their signature dish list. It’s a must order.



Any day of the week a BBQ Pork Bun is going to be a winner and on this particular Saturday that rule held. The plump buns were filled with the slightly sweet marinated pork and as always they were such a crowd pleaser! It’s often easy to think about just filling up on those, but that would be for another day.




The pan fried dumplings were served along with a lovely slightly spiced sauce, I believe it was plum, and it was a great pairing for the pork and vegetable dumplings with their perfectly crisped coating from just the right amount of time spent in the pan.


So massive goals had been kicked on the dumplings front and we turned our focus to a few of the larger dishes.

Their special fried rice is also listed as a signature dish and it is an ample serve of fragrant rice, filled with plenty of chicken, egg and even a few prawns! I actually enjoyed drizzling some of the dipping sauce from the dumplings over the rice. It worked pretty darn well I thought.


Our final dish was the Hokkein noodles with chicken. How good are Hokkein noodles? One of our favourites at home for sure and I liked what Miss Chow had done with theirs. A bit of a saucy affair, not overly so, but the right amount to lovingly coat each noodle. A good amount of chicken too! I’d actually say I preferred this dish over the fried rice. Found it a touch punchier in the flavour stakes.


But wow, after this veritable feast we were definitely feeling content and left with full bellies and happy smiles on our faces, both with aspirations of an afternoon nap after such an epic feed.


I have absolutely no doubt that Miss Chow will be an incredibly popular addition to the Whitfords dining precinct. Perfect for a quick lunch before or after a food shop or as a tasty meal before you grab a movie. I myself am still dreaming about those soupy dumplings and spicy chicken and hope to visit again soon!


Please note: We were guests of Miss Chows and Sibling Agency for this meal. All opinions are my own.

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