Billy G’s Gourmet Cookies

I quite like baking and there is something special about making something from scratch. Having said that there is also something nice about simplicity and when a lovely lady I work with mentioned that her daughter was having a fundraiser for school that involved cookie dough I was intrigued. Sign me up for a tub of Choc Chunk I said. For the bargain price of $15 it was a great deal. So you can imagine my joy when the tub arrived!










The joy of a biscuit where all you have to do is scoop it out of the tub and roll into balls.








In a moderate oven for 15 minutes til golden brown and you got yourself a cookie!








The smell of freshly baked biscuits is some kind of wonderful. Good times! Put the kettle on!














Cookies as easy as pie!

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    1. Tehehe course you can say “faves” Maurice 🙂 And I don’t mind ginger biscuits either! I’ll have to google a good Ginger Nuts recipe and it give it a go 🙂

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