The Cooking Professor

For GG’s birthday, way back in March, my parents got him a voucher so that him and I could head along to a class at the Cooking Professor, which is based in Mount Lawley along Walcott Street. He had picked the one he wanted to do, but what with our trip during the year, it got a bit tricky to sort out a date. So it was left until December but we finally booked for a class and headed along to learn about the Tajine.

Basically there was a group of about 10 of us in this very well decked out kitchen – with every appliance and utensil on hand – and we had a list of recipes to work through that were assigned to either people or couples to work on. I really enjoyed that the class was so hands on. There was a good combination of independence and instruction and the teacher, Riki Kaspi, was incredibly knowledgeable, ready to answer any questions thrown her way.

GG was put to task on a carrot and mint salad. It had this super tasty dressing on it – plenty of honey and balsamic vinegar. Worked well and he looked the part in his apron.


And you get the perfect salad – ta dah!

Other dishes on the menu were koftas – a delicious combination of beef and pork mince – really loved the portable grill they used over the elements – worked a treat!

And since it was such a large group we didn’t actually use a tajine…. but it was a tajine style dish, a layered fish and vegetable blend.

This is the view of the dining room from the kitchen, its a cool set up I think. Cooking for about an hour or so then everyone sits down to eat. Relaxing and you learn a few things.

Here is the impressive selection of dishes – the combination of everyone’s hard work!

I did the usual and loaded up my plate with much more than I could actually eat! Was all so delicious and looked like a rainbow on my plate!

And what did I made? Dessert! It was this mega simple strawberry mousse – super tasty – loved it!

Seriously just combining strawberries, caster sugar and whipping cream – easy as!

In all a lovely night with GG, quality food and quality time – a winning combination.

Would highly recommend this for anyone interested in learning something new in the kitchen then head along, they have a great choice on offer.

The Cooking Professor
161 Walcott Street
Mt Lawley WA 6050
0411 274 712

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