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I love a steak sandwich. Such a solid lunch option. And I’m generally happy with a fairly simple affair. Nice thickly sliced toasted bread or a roll, a decent piece of steak, maybe some grilled onions, a few greens and something tomato-ish, whether that be fresh slices or a dollop of tomato sauce or perhaps even a more flashy tomato relish. Give me those elements and I’m usually easy pleased. For me the real test is whether the steak is nice and tender and the quality of what’s holding it together, ie: the baked goods 🙂

Last Saturday I threw all of my go to steak sandwich preferences right out the window. GG and I had an appointment at the bank to open a new business account, which I had assumed would maybe take 15 minutes or so. We were there for an hour and a half! And we’d gone straight after my hour long PT session and had decided we’d have lunch after the bank. So needless to say I was ravenous by the time we actually left the branch.

Nearby was the Morley Ale House and ages, shall we say yonks ago even, we had been there for a steak sandwich and I had memories of it being good. So since it was a stones throw away, we headed straight to the ale house!

We sat down and gave the menu a quick glance but we both knew what we would be ordering. Two Gourmet Steak Sandwiches please. Now as I said before, I usually opt for a fairly simple steak sanga and this one was a little on the busier side in terms of everything in it, but I was starving. Grilled Steak topped with Onions, Grilled Cheese, Bacon, Egg, Tomato Relish, Salad in a Toasted Turkish Roll ($17.90).

Morley Ale House is a fairly old school establishment. I’d recently read about how several Perth pubs have given their venues a bit of an upscale overhaul. Morley Ale House still maintains its older pub charm, but it all works from its ornate bar to the printed carpets, and the staff are just so lovely and friendly.


Our steak sandwiches arrived and they were towers with an abundance of ingredients! It might not be what I usually order but I couldn’t wait to get stuck in. The chips were piping hot and well salted. Delicious! I turned my attention to the epic steak sandwich. It was a knife and fork affair. I loved how everything worked so well together. The turkish bread had been lightly toasted, then there was the indulgence of the melted cheese, the oozy egg yolk, the bacon, the tasty grilled onions, the crunchy greens and fresh tomato and the steak was wonderfully tender.

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I might have arrived hungry but I definitely wasn’t hungry when I left. My memory of the steak sandwiches here had been right on. They are great. So if you are hungry for one and want to kick it in an old school pub then get yourself to Morley and get stuck in!


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