Surf and Turf

Recently I’d been around my parent’s place and my mum had told me about the night that my brother and his girlfriend had been around for dinner and they’d all worked on surf and turf together. Amy had the idea to replicate a recipe they do at her work, so they threw butter into a pan and gently simmered it. Then next added some diced garlic and softened it in the butter. Once the garlic was soft they added a generous pour of whipping cream. They warmed this tthrough and into this mix added some raw peeled prawns. The prawns then cooked through fairly quickly in the creamy garlic sauce. Mum mentioned also that if you prefer the sauce a little thicker just add some cornflour (premixed in cold water). The prawns don’t take too long to cook through and you basically then just pour this sauce on top of your steak – cooked to your likely.

When I attempted to re-create this recipe I used a fairly thick cut of meat – I think it was a eye beef, sealed it both sides then put it into a warm oven under al-foil to give it a little longer while I prepared the garlic prawns. I also did some roughly mashed potatos and green beans. I thought it worked out well. Tasty and easy peasy!

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