Scallops and Stone Fruit

Spending a Saturday afternoon cooking is a delightful indulgence. Given the season I decided to embrace stone fruits in my recipes….. with the key ingredient being scallops. Sort of like an Iron Chef challenge.

First up I worked on a recipe that I have done previously with mangoes, but replaced it with nectarines. Basically slice up a few nice ripe nectarine and add to a bowl with some mint, chilli , lime zest and lime juice, and a splash of olive oil. It’s a nice easy recipe.

I got these scallops from Mirrabooka Square’s seafood store. Have always been pleased with them. Nice and fresh.

 The second type of Scallops I did in a plum sauce. A little bit spicey which was seemed to work well.

 Preparation is key with any cooking adventure, and I was really to turn the heat up!

 I decided I would dice up some bacon to top the plum scallops with

 And here is the final product – the salsa I served with baguette and just did the scallops fairly plain, with just a squeeze of lime juice, and with the plum scallops I served them on a slice of fresh lime with the plum sauce marinated scallops topped with bacon bits.

Not half bad I thought. A little bit of prep required, but worth it to sit down to something different and tasty.

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