Crumpet was one of those places that I’d wanted to try out for a while, given that I’d read a few other Perth food blog’s give it a pretty good wrap. So one Sunday morning, GG and I headed out to meet my favourite pair of M’s – Maree and Michael – for breakfast. They seemed slightly unimpressed with an 8.30am start on a Sunday, but I think it served as well as getting a table for the four of us at that time wasn’t a problem.

Quite a trendy little café, very cool décor – mismatched chairs and all that, but it was actually a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be. We looked through the menus and then went up to place our orders. GG and I started the TNT (Targeted Nutrition Training) Diet, which basically meant no carbs for us. So we both ordered 2 poached eggs, with a side of bacon, tomatoes and mushrooms. Then I went for a latte and GG ordered an English breakfast tea.

Maree went for the Huevos Rancheros, a toasted tortilla with cheese, spicy beans, fried eggs, guacamole and green chilli salsa ($12.90). It was was a very generous serve and she enjoyed it, but was always going to be a struggle to finish, given the size.

Michael managed to polish off both his field mushrooms – stuffed with bacon, spinach and parmesan on toast ($14.50) – they did look tasty!

They then shared a serve of the establishment’s signature dish – homemade crumpets ($4). To say that I was more than a little disappointed not to be able to give them a go on this outing was perhaps and understatement, but I managed to just wistfully look on while they enjoyed them. They actually looked more like a scone than a crumpet to me. I suppose I’ve always thought of crumpets as having holes in them, whereas these looked quite cakey. I’m told they tasted lovely though and with the butter and honey lathered on, they did smell lovely.

So what did I think of my breakfast? Well they gave me a piece of toast which was sort of annoying given that we’d specifically placed an order without bread, but hey we pushed that to the side and all was well. The eggs were cooked fine, the mushrooms were tasty, good quality bacon and a nice ripe tomato. $3 for one tomato did seem sort of steep though… but I made my peace with it, given it was a very nice tomato.
It might have been that I didn’t get to try the crumpets, but I wasn’t really blown away by Crumpet on this visit. Don’t get me wrong, it is a nice spot and the staff are friendly, but as cooked breakfasts go, not sure if was all that special.

Clearly a popular place though, as a line had formed by the time we were looking to leave and our table was pounced on as soon as we stood up.

Would I go back? Maybe…. I think I was left slightly wanting.

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