Egg and Bacon Crustless Pies

GG recently decided that he would give the TNT (Targeted Nutrition Training) Diet a go, after reading about it in Men’s Health. I decided it would make life easier if I jumped on board as well. Mainly so then I wouldn’t have to stress about making different meals for the both of us. It’s basically an Atkin’s style diet – low carbs, high protein – good for muscle building I’m told. The first few days were a total struggle, especially as a complete sugar fiend, to suddenly go cold turkey on my usual Milo for breakfast, mid-morning treats of strawberry freddo frogs, and that cheeky bowl of ice-cream after dinner…….. it was more than a little tough.
The key to success seems to be preparation. Making sure you have the right kind of snacks on hand, preparing breakfasts and lunches the night before, so you aren’t at work and finding yourself wandering aimlessly up and down the road for some carb-free wonder that ticks all the right TNT boxes, is key.
So after much thought we decided an easy breakfast for me to take along to work would be little egg and bacon pies – just with no crusts. All allowable ingredients and tasty too!
They are quick and easy to make to. To make a dozen, grab 8 eggs and whisk them together with a splash of milk. Then its really up to you as to what you might like in them. The ones I’ve been making I add grated cheddar cheese (I’d say about ¾ of a cup), finely diced chives (8-10 chives), chopped up ham (about 100g), then crumbled up some fetta, diced half a red capsicum, ground in some salt and pepper and then poured the mixture into a muffin tin that I’d given a quick spray of canola oil. Then I cut grape tomatoes in half and arranged those on top of the each little pie. In a moderate oven for I’d say between 20-30 minutes then taken out so they can firm up.

Easy as pie and great for a morning breakfast on the go 🙂

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