Joe’s Cake Kitchen

One of my favourite places to visit along Hay Street in West Perth, perhaps when work is a little tough and I’m looking for a little sugary inspiration, is a place called Joe’s Cake Kitchen. A completely amazing bakery that couldn’t be better positioned! I’ve sampled their tasty sausage rolls and mini quiches at many a morning tea, enjoyed their indulgent caramel slice or creamy swiss rolls with fresh strawberries, the list of what I’d tried is long! And I’ve enjoyed it all!

Most recently I decided that for Good Friday I’d buy a few of their fresh hot cross buns for a bit of a step up from the usual supermarket fare that GG and I tended to have for Easter. I bought a dozen for $14, so definitely not the cheapest option but they were totally worth it! Fresh and soft and spicey with cinnamon and plenty of sultanas. A lovely indulgence!

Only took a couple of minutes in the oven and they were ready – definitely much better in the oven than in the microwave! Really no comparison.

Then warm and toasty from the oven with a generous slathering of butter – total Easter perfection!

So for next year, if you are looking for some tasty buns – head to Joes! You wont be disappointed!

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