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It was Sunday and the Eagles had had a cracking start to their match against Essendon. All I wanted to do was plant myself on the couch and soak up the action but I was super hungry so GG and I made the executive decision to head out at quarter time to Leederville and our original plan had been to try and get some Little Caesars pizza. As it turned out Little Caesars wasn’t open on Sunday for lunch so we decided in this instance that we’d tick another long awaited box and try out Jus Burgers. Given it was just before 12 there was no line so we placed our orders and took a seat and waited patiently.

It wasn’t too long of a wait and you give your name when you place the order. There was a slight mix up with our order which ended in a hilarious scene with one of the staff racing down the street after us, after we’d left the store with someone else’s order, but not a drama really.

We got home and cracked a few strongbows to enjoy with our burgers. The chips had lost some of their heat by the time we got home, but were still tasty. Not sure if they tasted all that special to other chips I’d had, but they were ok I guess, $4 for a serve this size seemed a little pricey, but I suppose its only because in my mind I compare to what I could get from my local fish and chip joint for that price.

But let’s face it, chips aside, the focus was really more on the burgers…. and as I carefully unwrapped mine I had high expectations.

And I wasn’t disappointed. Fresh, tasty ingredients and the patty, which can be a deal breaker, was really delicious and a really generous size. I also think the turkish bread roll gave the whole burger a bit more depth than a normal burger bun.

All burgers at Jus are served with fresh lettuce, tomato, Spanish Onion, house made aioli and relish. I kept things simple and went for the Original Beef Burger ($11) then paid an extra $1 for balsamic onions. I did think it was a good burger and I’m a girl whose perfect burger is a McDonald’s cheeseburger for what are they these days…. like $2.45ish, so spending over 10 bucks on a burger is a big day out. It definitely left me very full, so the value for money box was ticked.

Now GG is a growing boy and needed something a little more substanial than the Original, so he went with the Mullet, everything I had as well as Bacon, Beetroot and Cheddar Cheese and free range egg ($15). So basically Jus Burger’s take on the Aussie burger. He loved it. I was staggered he was able to take a bite given the height of the burger – quite the tower. A decent sized meal for a fella!

In all, our first visit to Jus Burgers went well. We definitely weren’t left wanting. They hit the spot in a massive way. So if you have a big hunger that needs the satisfaction only a gigantic burger can give, then at several locations now around Perth town, you know where to head!

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