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I was most pleased in recent times when I was perusing my favourite voucher websites to stumble across one for Bistro Felix. A place I had wanted to visit for ages and had never gotten around to. This deal was for $84 and for that you and your dinner partner could choose a mains and a dessert of their choice and also received a bottle of the house white or red. I suppose the one benefit of me being the one who secures these vouchers is that its much easier for me to argue for the white wine option 🙂

So we headed along on a Thursday night and had made a booking for 7 and were directed straight to our table. It’s a fairly cosy configuration at Bistro Felix but I didn’t mind the close proximity to the next table too much.

We figured on this outting that two courses would be more than enough so we both started perusing the menu for what to have. Anything on the mains menu was available so this made it a tricky option. One thing that surprsied me was the lack of white meat options, there was a fish choice available, but no chicken or pork. I wasn’t too fazed really, I’m not adverse to red meat or anything, just thought it was interesting. We were quaffing our bottle of the house white at this time, our delightful drop – crisp, clean! Cheers to Deakin Estate for that one! I actually decided I would try the

Margaret River wagyu rump, frites, café de paris butter. GG went for the fillet mignon, which came served with mushrooms. He had fond memories of fillet mignon from our trip last year to the US. We also locked in a serve of the green beans, not included in our deal, but hey I like my greens.

Our meals arrived and my wagyu was served sliced with the paris butter on top and with a dish of french fries on the side. I think the thing that struck me with my first bite was that it was served warm, but meat is left to rest so I suppose that accounts for that. My first bite was decent. But a few slices though there was quite a big sinew running through the meat so it made a medium rare, warm steak a very chewy affair. And the french fries were fine but nothing too special. I did like the beans though, served crunchy with a garlicy butter – very, very nice.  In all though I was disappointed with my mains selection.

Now turn to GG, he could not stop raving about his fillet mignon! An impressive tower of a cut, wrapped in bacon and cooked to perfection. It came served with this delicious combination of mushrooms, which I was lucky enough to taste, along with a slice of GG’s beef. I do suspect that our beef had come from very different cows! I gave GG a few slices of mine after he’d finished his meal (which he literally inhaled given that he loved it so much!!) and he concurred that I had lost the mains battle. Just wasn’t a lot of flavour in the wagyu.

So next up was dessert, and it was a tricky decision as I love all things sweet. GG had a lot of time for panna cotta so he locked in the honey comb panna cotta that was on offer. I decided I would give the chocolate assiette a go. Let’s face it, chocolate done three ways was always going to have appeal – it was a chocolate mousse, a white chocolate Millefeullie and then an orange and chocolate cake. The flavours of each were delicious, but the one thing that I found strange was that the three chocolately things were served on a plate, with a fabric serviette underneath? Strange, given that it ended up with chocolate smears all over it. It could have been to help balance the spoon of chocolate mousse though I suppose. I did enjoy my dessert, as did GG, so it ended both our meals on a high.









The service was very good, I loved the wine, the mains didn’t quite hit the mark for me, but GG was more than a little enamoured with his and dessert was well recieved by both of us. I think I would give it another go if I was back in the Subiaco area one night. Could be second time’s a charm.

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