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Ever since I visited the Leederville store earlier this year, I’ve been hankering to re-visit Little Caesars. There are so many wonderful pizzas on the menu and we only sampled two last time. I do have Theo’s cook book at home and have tried my hand at making a few but let’s face it, they are always going to be able to do a better job than I was able to do.









This time we headed along to the Hillarys’ store, the newest addition to the Little Caesars empire. We’d noticed also when we visited Hippo Creek recently, that this pizza store had ample seating, well at least considerably more than the Leederville eatery. You can’t make a reservation so getting a table is a challenge. As a two-some it wasn’t too hard and we timed it well and didn’t have to wait long at all, but for larger groups I can imagine it would be tricky. There were tables outside which would work well for larger groups, but it was a little brisk, I was glad that we found a cosy table inside.

I think studying the menu before hand would have put us in good stead given the frenetic pace of the line, when we were ordering but it was fine, we got there. It couldn’t go past the Greek Lamb from last time. The Greek Lamb comes with Corrigan free-range lamb, semi-caramelised onion, fetta, mozzarella, kalamata olives, rosemary and tzatziki ($15). Then for our second savoury choice there was a new one, not on the menu, but outlined at the store called “Arrabiata”. This was a tasty combination of Italian sausage, proscuitto, red capsicum and olives ($15). Finally we ordered one of the tasty dessert pizzas on offer. I have wanted to try one of these for the longest time. And “Mudhoney” had always been high on the list! The Mudhoney comes on the perfect Little Caesars base with chocolate mud cake, honey, chocolate sauce, white, milk and dark chocolate buttons, icing sugar and vanilla ice cream ($15). I was super excited about the order.

It was also at this juncture that I asked nicely to speak to Theo, the brains behind the whole Little Caesars operation. I tweeted him on a few occasions of late and he had said that if I visited the Hillarys’ store that I should say hello. So I did. What an incredible lovely fellow, and he even came over to have a chat to GG and I later in the evening. He has raised the bar for pizzas in Perth, many thanks to him!

So service didn’t take too long and soon enough our tiered pizza wonder arrived. The smell was delicious! And both pizzas were jam-packed with plenty of ingredients with made them all the more enticing!










The Greek lamb pizza was as good as we had remembered. The fabulous combination of spicy lamb, creamy tzatziki and the zesty lemon was so wonderfully delicious. Couldn’t get enough.








But we managed to pull ourself away temporarily and sampled the Arabiattta – mamma mia! Spicey wonderfulness! The richness of tomato sauce and the tasty sausage worked a treat.








One more slice of this one, one more slice of that one – we loved them both! I had wondered whether we would have room for the dessert pizza. I suspected we would though. One thing to note with the ordering system is that if you order a dessert pizza it wont arrive with your savouries, but you have to ask one of the wait staff to bring it out seperately. We didn’t know this so there was a bit of a wait, but it meant that we were primed for some dessert pizza action when it did show up. The only real stress is that with any wait there that there are so many people hovering around, eye balling you for a table. I wasn’t too phased though. We held our ground and there was no way I wasn’t going to keep sitting at our choice booth and enjoy the Mudhoney.

And then, soon enough, it was there. The aroma was this sensational rich chocolatey goodness. It was incredibly decadent and the vanilla ice cream was the perfect compliment, managed to cut through the sweetness. The dessert pizza was totally worth the wait. Seriously amazing!















Little Caesars is worth the drive – either to the Hills, the City or the Beach – and also worth braving the crowds. The stores will always be busy, but that just reflects how impressed people are with it. Amazing flavour combinations, something for everyone on their extensive menu. Service is solid, they are constantly rushed off their feet, but everything gets done. I know I’ll be back for more!


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