HC Coombs Centre for Financial Studies

It’s been a far while now since I did any study and even longer since I’ve gone away for a course. Actually I don’t know if I’ve ever gone away for a course, anything I’ve done previously has tended to be in Perth town. So it was pretty exciting for me when the boss booked me in for a 3 day residential course based in Kirribilli. I knew from speaking to others that it was a fairly intensive course, however the prospect of a few days out of the office always bodes well.

I flew out of Perth on the Sunday morning before arriving in Sydney around 5pm. I jumped in a cab and headed out to the HC Coombs training centre, which is one of the facilites owned by the Reserve Bank of Australia. It is across the road from Admiralty House and not too far from Kirribilli House. The view from my room was completely sensational – the Harbour Bridge to the right and the Opera House on the left.















The course itself was a very professional run and informative affair. While some of the units were challenging, I think its always nice to expand your knowledge and hanging out with other treasury people is always a plus too.

But my real reason for spieling on about this course was the food – of course! They feed you non-stop!

Basically every day it was breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, drinks then dinner. I feel that an epic amount of food was consumed during these days and I constantly had a cup of T2 Tea in hand.

Here are a few shots of some of my favourite meals…

Breakfast on the first morning was cereal…. didn’t warrant a pic but I haven’t had cornflakes in forever and they were brilliant 🙂 But moving on morning tea on the first day was super tasty – crunchy ciabatta bread topped with hommus and sundried tomatos and rocket. What a la-di-dah morning tea it was and my first thought going back into class was what was on the menu for lunch!!








And it was an impressive spread! Basically lunch every day was a bit of a buffet – a range of salads, two hot mains and then dessert. A buffets… they are my undoing as I always want to give everything a go so my plate tends to resemble a small mountain…. day one was teriyaki beef with rice and then a tasty lentil dish and also some stirfried vegies. Then the salads…. garden and a beetroot salad… something for everyone and it was good!








And dessert on day one for lunch was a delectable apple and rhubarb pie with vanilla ice cream. Amazing!!! Hot pie, cold icecream – it’s just good maths 🙂








Then dinner was a three course extravaganza of tasty prawn cakes, beef wellington then a totally indulgent chocolate mousse that was rich to the point that I couldn’t finish it and I love dessert!

So much food – a complete delight!!









































































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