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To me degustation menus are the ultimate. A combination of flavours, quality time with your special someone, an indulgence for foodies everywhere. Now heading along to a dessert degustation was sure to be a whole other level of amazing! Enter Rochelle Adonis. My favourite M&M’s and I, along with GG, booked tickets to Rochelle Adonis’s 7th dessert degustation.


The menu was set and it was an impressive 5 course affair. The cost was $120 per person and then guests were able to bring along their own champagne and dessert wines. Knowing from previously perusing her blog that the attention to detail on each course was sure to be second to none I was more than a little excited when Saturday, May 28th rolled around.

The Rochelle Adonis store is in Northbridge on Brisbane Street and as we entered it was apparent that each dessert degustation was an intimate affair. A small gathering of only 20 people lucky enough to have secured tickets for this particular date.

There were two large square tables set up and the four people I was with were set up on one end. One thing that had been mentioned to us on the phone when booking that it was vital to show up on time by 7.30pm given that food service for everyone would not start until everyone had arrived. Given this fact had been made abundantly clear to us I was more than a little surprised when a couple rocked in a good 15 minutes late. Come on people show some form and don’t hold up a whole group!

Anyways I digress and I wasn’t overly phased as I sat sipping some choice bubbles. Our first course was a brilliant introduction to the night ahead and it managed to tick a lot of boxes – something fruity, something cakey, something biscuity, something creamy. It was a whole lot of yum of a plate and all the flavour combinations literally danced on the pallete.


Launching straight into something sweet definitely was different but hey always nice to colour outside the box and I was loving it! It was a tough call as to what was my favourite on the first dish… was either the delicious lime and mandarin combination, which had the perfect amount of freshness or there was also the peanut butter parfait with berries… which was like a totally fancy Snickers with a berry swirl…. so hard to choose!

Chocolate sable, peanut butter parfait, raspberry curd
Liquid lemon cheesecake
Mandarin & finger lime salad, mandarin sponge, pistachio puree,  passionfruit curd
Moving right along, round 2 was the cheese course. Again – amazing.
Cashel blue and quince Millefeullie, sangria syrup
Jannei Buche Blanc cherve & rhubarb Charlotte, cress puree
UK farmhouse cheddar croquette, piccalilli, micro mustard
The millefeuille (which thankfully I was taught how to pronounce correctly) was filled with the most creamy blue cheese I’ve ever tasted. Quite a soft blue really, but still an unlikely bite to it that worked perfectly. The rhubarab charlotte was nice, the flavour probably got to be a little much by the end, but the big winner of the dish was the deep fried morsel that was on the plate. With its picalilly and mustard it was a totally winner and a favourite for many.

From our adventure into cheese town it was time to cleanse the palette and partake in some sorbet. Green apple sorbet, yuzu & szechuan ice


And doesn’t green apple and schezun pepper sound like a total winner of a flavour!! And believe me it was. Every now and then you’d be hit with a burst of heat, a contrast to the chill of the sorbet. Nom, nom, nom and pretty as a picture!

Then from fresh we headed back towards something a little sweet. “Carrot Cake” Genoise d’epices, purple heirloom carrot puree, orange and carrot sorbet, organic maple walnut crumble. It was my introduction to purple carrots and placed next door to their regular orange neighbours, the colour combination was stunning. Just a vision with the splashes of purple and orange on the plate and that’s before we’d even gotten to enjoy the flavours – fruity and a little chilled carrot sorbet, then the piece of carrot cake was just a gingery wonder – really enjoyed this course and again the attention to detail – two thumbs up!


Then finally, in case you had thought that enough attention hadn’t been paid to chocolate during the evening, then fear not and introducing the fifth course. Butter crumbed foie gras parfait, Araguani mousse, tonka bean ice cream, Pedro Ximenes chocolate sauce. Perhaps some had raised an eye at the butter crumbled foie gras parfait, but it wasn’t a strong foie gras taste more like a deliciously butter ice cream, with its biscuity outside – amazing. Then there was some amazingly, amazingly rich chocolate mousse, that was so indulgent that a lot of guests actually didn’t make it all the way through it. I’m pleased to say I did finish it but I definitely almost reached my sugar overload with this course.

250679_10150194823846456_730446455_7569764_1224631_n 247194_10150194823541456_730446455_7569760_442326_n 254489_10150194823681456_730446455_7569762_3839602_n

Having said that when the jubey goodness of the Pear & Cabernet Pate de Fruit arrived, all perfect and dusted with sugar I couldn’t leave any behind – it was the ultimate jube.


I was glad for my cup of peppermint tea to try and dissolve all that sugary goodness.


Wow, it really was a wonderful night. I’m not sure its something I’d do that often, given that it is a lot, A LOT of sugar, but as far as my first visit to the Rochelle Adonis store goes, it was perfect. I was buzzing 🙂

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  1. I love that there are savoury aspects to the dessert degustation.
    You must try her lemon meringue pie deconstructed and the marshamallow mmmmm
    Thanks for the visions of loveliness

    1. I saw a photo on her blog of the deconstructed lemon meringue pie – it looked seriously incredible!! She has turned dessert into a total art form. All Hail Rochelle! I can’t wait to give her High Tea a go 🙂

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