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I had a work lunch coming up at Little Creatures in Freo and my first thoughts were of a blue sky day with plenty of sunshine – it was going to be fabulous! However, when the day I was going actually rolled around unfortunately the weather was nothing like I had imagined. Pelting rains, squally winds… not exactly conducive to a place so well suited for summer time fun. However, once we’d braved the short run from the car into the vast hall that is Little Creatures I was pleasantly surprised at the warmth of the place.

Heaters were located throughout, combating the chill from outside to a tee. However if you were still feeling a touch cold then they thoughtfully had a selection of rugs available to keep you toasty warm.

We were a group of 7, lunching together as part of my boss’s farewell tour, so we took advantage of one of the longer tables, carefully positioned near one of the heaters. For beer lovers having such a wide variety of boutique beers available on tap is a bonus. On this occasion I stuck with wine though and enjoyed a particularly choice Pinot Gris. Having perused the menu it was decided that we would share a few of the tasty looking starters before launching into some pizzas. We tasked the friendly waitress with making some selections for us to share. She did well. We sampled a tasty cherry tomato and grilled haloumi dish, then moved on to some marinated octopus.

I enjoyed both of these – the basil with the tomato and cheese was a perfect combination and it was my first go at marinated octopus and it wasn’t half bad. Not at all chewy (which had been my fear) and didn’t have a strong seafood flavour (another concern).

There was then some spicy grilled chorizo ($8), which was great, and also some skewered prosciutto prawns with seeded mustardy dressing ($22), which worked well.

There was also a bowl of frites, which for chips were pretty decent ($7.50)


The only real complaint was that it took a fairly long while between after starters to catch the attention of one of the many wait staff floating around to order our pizzas. Wasn’t a huge bother though and the pizzas didn’t take too long to arrive once ordered. And the pizza choices were impressive. We settled on 4 to share.

The lamb was probably my favourite, harissa spiced with melanzane and fetta ($19), entirely delicious. There was then a zucchini, gorgonzola and pizza which I also thought wasn’t bad, quite a basic combination of ingredients, but sometimes it is the case that more simple pizzas work best. I also thought the chorizo, fetta and sweet corn pizza ($19) was a winner, an interesting combination of spicy and sweet. It was probably only the prawn pizza ($21) that I wasn’t rushing back to and mainly because it had quite a strong prawny taste I thought and also had a coriander pesto, which isn’t one of my favourite herbs.


I had a good time at lunch – enjoyed the food and the company. In all Little Creatures is a great place for a casual gathering. Not a huge menu but some interesting items and it works really well for a group who are happy to share. Staff are friendly and are happy to make recommendations and as this visit proved – hail, rain or shine – Little Creatures remains a popular option.

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