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Another day, another lunch as part of the boss’s epic farewell tour. Basically he enjoyed a month of lunching and on a few occasions I was lucky enough to be invited along. One such occasion, back to back with the day I’d been to Little Creatures so it was quite the week, was at Deco at the Raffles. Clients who appreciated the hard work the boss had put in over the few years of their association said they would take him to lunch. We had a meeting beforehand and it was only once this wrapped up that I found out where we were going. “Well meet you at the Raffles” we were told….. which was then followed up with “Upstairs”. Woohoo! We were going to be la-di-dahing it at lunch at Deco. It had been on my wish list, so I was feel all kinds of spoiled. 








Being a Wednesday lunchtime it wasn’t too busy when we arrived. We were a group of 7 set up around a big round table. Once all seated our water glasses were filled and a waiter outlined in detail what the specials of the day were. He was really descriptive and you could tell that he’d actually tasted these dishes. Makes a big difference I think to know that someone isn’t just spieling off what they’ve read. So as he outlined the specials of the day I was completely sold on the entrée after hearing its delicious description. Blue manna crab meat in a creamy chilli aioli served on a slice of grilled ciabatta bread with a tomato sauce ($32). So the table was largely spilt between that special for starters or others who went for Kilpatrick Oysters, which did present really well and I do love bacon… just a shame about the oysters with them. Have not developed any appreciation for these ocean dwelling goobers just yet, but from all reports they were delicious.  








 But there are some oceany critters that I have plenty of time for. Enter the crab and my sensational looking starter. A mountain of crab was balanced a top the ciabatta. It looked super impressive and I couldn’t wait to give it a go. And it tasted as good as it looked. Sweet crab and a zesty sauce with the nice smokey taste from the bread. The combination was incredible and the flavours were in perfect harmony. Really, really enjoyed this dish and it went well with the Leeuwin ‘Prelude’ Chardonnay we were quaffing.  








Onto mains, bit of a mixed bag around the table here. There were a few with the barramundi (Barramundi Fillet with a spring onion & lemon mash, black olive & sun dried tomato tapenade ($43)), some with the Red Emperor (Prosciutto Wrapped Red Emperor Fillet grilled, served with baby capers, tomato, steamed asparagus, lemon & olive oil ($43.50) and one fellow went the steak (Beef Fillet (250gm) char grilled, served with a mushroom & parmesan polenta, sun dried tomato butter & balsamic jus ($45)) 








 I decided to give the duck option a go. Double Roasted Duck slow roasted in a rich thai red curry sauce, with lychees, tamarind, lemongrass, fried shallot & coconut rice ($45.50)) 















 The duck was cooked perfectly. Just fell off the bone and melted in your mouth. I found the sauce probably lacked a little bit of zap, but a squeeze of lime and a touch of salt seemed to largely sort that out. The coconut rice was also a tasty addition – more interesting than just plain rice. While it didn’t blow me away like the entree, it was still a more than decent mains.

And now would there be enough room for dessert? I found myself looking hopefully around the table that someone else might share my love affair with all things dessert. And turns out 6 of the 7 of us decided to round out the meal with something sweet. 3 went for the banana crepe choice, in part because bananas are such a luxury item at the moment and others, including myself couldn’t go past the chocolate fondant. It was a decadently fabulous dessert – the rich, warm chocolaty fondant and the chill of the vanilla ice cream was an indulgent mouthful. I savoured every bite, then looked wistfully at my bowl once it was finished, wishing another would magically appear. I have to work on my magical powers.  








 With three courses done and dusted the boys decided to hit the red and I was swept into the spirit of it all and partook in a few glasses myself. I didn’t catch all the names but I’m pretty sure there were an Izway ‘Izway’ Shiraz and also a Mitolo Shiraz….. and one other whose name escapes me. All great drops though.  








 It was one of the longer work lunches I’ve ever been on and I have to say one of my favourites. The company made for fun times and the food was well presented and very impressive. Excellent service and a stellar wine list added to the experience. And the view of the river was the icing on the cake.

Deco might not be the cheapest place to lunch, but you are getting high quality food for the price so would be worthwhile putting it onto a special occasion list J

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