Subiaco Hotel – Revisited

I’m doing a 4 week wine tasting course with GG at the moment, which starts at 6pm in Claremont. It means it a bit of a challenge for us both to fit dinner in between when we finish work and when the course starts. One our first week we headed to the Subiaco Hotel, arriving about 4.45pm and very pleased that the kitchen was open at this time for our very early dinner. I’d been to the Subi a few times before and had very fond memories of the pork belly. So I decided without consultation that we’d share some of this to start (Pork Belly Caramel with Young Coconut Rojak $16.50), because I needed GG to see how good it was. Then for mains I went with the Pan-fried Crumbed Veal with Lemon and Sage, Creamed Pumpkin and Broccolini ($32.50) while GG ordered the chicken Caesar salad with Candied bacon ($26.50)


Service was nice and fast and as usual friendly. As we sipped the glasses of wine we had ordered it wasn’t long before our pork belly arrived. And it looked and smelt as delicious as when I had it last time. After one bite GG concurred with me that the pork belly at the Subi is some of the best in Perth. Especially with the tasty salad that comes served with it. A refreshing contrast to the indulgent pork belly, especially with the fresh coconut.


So next up came mains, again nice and quick as if they could sense our haste. GG’s was a well presented salad, nice slices of grilled chicken breast on top, with bacon throughout the lettuce leaves. It wasn’t drowned in sauce which was another bonus and I think egg was the only noticeable absence. I would have thought egg was a Caesar salad staple… maybe just me.


But I was 100% happy with my meal. It was this incredibly generous slice of veal coated in tasty crumbs on a bed of mashed pumpkin with crunchy broccolini. It was seriously delicious. And because I’m the generous sort (and because it was massive and I was unlikely to finish) I shared some with GG, who agreed that I had won that round. It was a really well prepared and presented. Full of delicious flavours. Makes me smile just thinking about it.


We were in and out in about 45 minutes leaving us plenty of time to drive to Claremont.


The Subi Hotel is a consistent performer – excellent food, great selection of drinks and friendly service – 3 big ticks. I’ll definitely be making a return visit in the future.

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