The Vic Hotel – revisited

The second week of GG and my wine course rolled around before we knew it and this week for our quick dinner venture we headed to The Vic. They don’t start serving dinner til 5pm on a Wednesday but after realising how close Claremont actually was we knew we’d have plenty of time. I’ve been to The Vic on several occasions, the last of which I had really enjoyed ( and given it was a different season I was looking forward to trying something new on this visit.

As chance would have it after perusing the choices both GG and I decided we’d both give the Spatchcock Chicken a go,  herb coated & char grilled served on a fig & chickpea salad with soft goats curd & fresh herbs ($32.90). The combination sounded really interesting. Sadly though we were both really disappointed with our dinner. The chicken really lacked punch and when combined with the goats cheese it was even more bland, seemed to mute the flavour more than enhance them. And I think, foolishly, I had thought that the fig would be fresh (which perhaps was silly since I don’t think they are in season) so the dried figs that arrived on the plate were a little surprising. They did add a nice sweetness, probably my favourite thing on the plate really. It’s not that the chicken wasn’t well cooked. It was moist and it was a generous size, just with the rocket, one and half cherry tomatoes and plain chick peas there was just no wow.








So no complaints about the service, still very friendly and suited our needs with the speed, but as far as hit and miss visits go this one was a miss I’m afraid. I might wait until the summer months and head back then to sample their salads.

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