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Five Bar has long been on a list on places I’d like to visit but had just never gotten around to. Tres slack of me I know. But on Sunday afternoon, I’d ticked the running box and had thought that I had wanted to visit the Good Food and Wine show. But as I drove towards the Convention Centre with GG I just didn’t feel that up for huge crowds and also suspected I’d left my visit a bit late. A bit disappointing, but there is always next year and with the decision made we diverted the car towards Beaufort Street. It was a really beautiful day on Sunday, perfect lunching weather really and I was pleased to find when we got to Five Bar that it wasn’t too packed, which I had been worried it might be.

 Which isn’t to say it was empty, it was comfortably occupied I’ll say. The one different thing about Five is that there isn’t really too many set traditional tables and chairs, it’s more a combination of lounge chairs, benches, crates, an eclectic mix really. Now by the time we arrived it was a choice really between the crates with pillows up near the back or taking a seat at the bar. We went the bar option. They have a really impressive selection of drinks – particularly beers and ciders. I spied a tasty looking pear cider from New Zealand Montheith – served on ice, it was a delight. GG went for a glass of red…. He wished he had my cider because of its general awesomeness.



The menu is basically broken up in the Five Smalls (sort of tapas’y dishes), then a few larger options… Five Bigs. We then choose 4 of the Five Smalls to share and between us it was plenty of food.

 We both agreed that the slow roasted mushrooms were our favourite. Slow Roasted Field Mushrooms on Toast, with Persian Feta, Lemon Thyme and Sherry Vinegar ($13). The combination of the flavoursome field mushrooms with its vinegary sauce, then the saltiness from the goat’s cheese worked a treat, especially served on the crunchy toast. With 3 in a serve I was most pleased when GG cut the last one in half so we could each enjoy another bit each – he’s a generous sort my GG.

I was also impressed with the Steak Tartare, shallots, cornichons, baby capers and warm toast ($14.50). I’ve grown up eating it but you just don’t see it on menus around town that often. So it was to be a treat. It had quite a strong pickle flavour through it, but the salty capers on top and the quality cut of meat, it was really delicious and it had these teeny tiny little gherkins decoratively placed on top, which was super cute.

 We also had a bowl of chorizo, which came with a honey mustard dipping sauce. The added bonus with the chorizo was that it came served on a white cabbage salad which was sort of like sauerkraut. It was super tasty with the spiciness of the sausage.

 The last dish we had was a Beetroot Carpaccio. This probably didn’t grab as quite as much as the others, but it was still interesting and beautifully presented, with a sprinkling of feta cheese and walnuts for some added crunch.

 For $74 for the food and drinks I thought it was very reasonably priced. Friendly staff continually float around to make sure you are looked after and the place has a very relaxed vibe which is ideal for a lazy Sunday lunch. I’d definitely head back!

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