Sherbet Cake Shop

So after lunch at Mrs S with my sister the other day, we decided we would extend our Maylands food safari and wandered around the corner to Sherbet. Sherbet has established a solid reputation for delicious cupcakes or if you are looking for something bigger, some very impressive looking cakes. We’d already eaten lunch, so it was just a small sweet treat we were chasing. Given that my sister hadn’t tried a red velvet cupcake before, when we spied those we couldn’t say no. They looked just amazing with their towered swirl of icing and its bold red cake. $4 a cupcake, given the attention to detail, seemed reasonable to me.

We wandered outside to a table in the sunshine and in a short time we were presented with some delightful floral plates with our cupcake perched a top. Happy sighs from both of us at the vision in front of us. I was glad also that they brought along a fork because I suspected that if I had tried to tackle the cupcake without it that I would have ended up with a faceful of icing. If need be, I would have gone that way, but I did appreciate that given that I was in public that I could be much more lady like and daintily enjoy each mouthful.

The cake was deliciously moist and the cream cheese icing was seriously sensational. The focus while eating it was on getting the right cake to icing ratio on each forkful…. while also trying to prolong the experience and savour every bite!

If not for the fact that I had already eaten lunch I think I would have happily skipped back inside and had another. The range of flavours presented like a rainbow and the impressive tiered cakes were incredibly tempting. I’ll definitely be heading back to get my Sherbet on again!

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