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I grew up in Maylands. It’s a lovely suburb, right near the river, close to the city and in recent times there’s been plenty of work done to trend’ify the Eighth Avenue cafe strip. One of the new additions that has developed a fab reputation for itself is right on the corner and it’s called Mrs S. A very cosy and super cute cafe.










My sister and I arrived probably 10 minutes before 12. They start serving lunch at midday so we didn’t have too long to wait and just took in the growing crowd from the view from our table. Definitely seemed to be a spot favoured by a lot of the “yummy mummy” set. I was well impressed how they were able to negotiate their prams in between the narrow gaps between the tables there. Top effort ladies!








Soon enough we were brought along a menu, adorably presented in a Golden Book. Reminded me of these precious children’s books that I had read in my youth….. like the Tawny, Scrawny Lion – what a great read that was! But I digress (it happens often). The charm of the menu just added to the general charm of the place – pretty aprons hanging on the wall, little jugs and cookbooks stacked up and a wall printed with cultery. It all worked a treat 🙂

On to the food. I couldn’t go past the Manwich. Anything with pulled pork is a worth a shot (I fell in love with the stuff in the US last year), especially when it comes with beetroot – what a combination! So I went with that and the sister chose the antipasto tart. We both also ordered a fresh apple juice – which was incredibly amazing!










So here is my lunch – perfectly crispy baguette with this incredibly flavoursome pork. Then there was a refreshingness to the roll that came from the beetroot and cucumber combination. I think I could have shaken on just a touch of salt, but that’s only because I’m fairly pro-salt. It’s not to say it wasn’t well seasoned.








The sister seemed equally as impressed with her antipasto tart. Laden high with a delicious array of mushroom, capsicum and rich cheese. The pesto on the side also worked well with with the puff pastry.








All in all, Mrs S is just a lovely place. I imagine it must be tricky business getting a table there on the weekend given its growing popularity, but I’m glad I managed to get one on this Friday lunchtime. The food was tasty, everything tasted particularly fresh and healthy, and the service was smiling and friendly. I wouldn’t hestitate to follow the yellow brick road back to this Golden Book haven 🙂

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